Saturday, February 4, 2012

not so perfectly imperfect...yet

Ack! It's that time of year again. The point in the earth's rotation that sets me off kilter. And makes want to change everything in my house.

There are so many projects I'd love to do. But BSD. Who is quite handy. Is either not here. Or he's outside sweeping the driveway. And I am left alone with these ideas. Swimming around in my head. Causing me to lose sleep. It doesn't help that that damn money tree won't grow either. It must be the lack of sunlight in the backyard.

But I have got to get off my butt and do something. Make some decisions. Move along already. Because I just can't take this anymore...

Or this...(although I do stick a calendar over this mess. Which, I have to say, is actually uglier than the swatches. )

Top: SW First Star  Middle: BM Marscapone  Bottom: BM Gray Owl

Ok..and the worst offense? The project I started, oh? About two years ago. (MC, if you still read, don't hate me.) I don't even think I know what the paint colors anymore if I wanted to choose one. I dream of these walls being planked with wide horizontal boards so I've been paralyzed.

So I'm putting this out there to help push me into action. You've all seen it now. My utter lack of follow through. I'm hoping that knowing my dirty little secret is out there that it will spur me on.

So far so good. I've been reading this book by Deborah Needleman. And I'm taking copious notes.

I also called Larry the painter this morning. He's coming over tomorrow to give me an estimate. Now I just need to choose a color already.

For the main portion of the living space (not the bedrooms) I'm leaning towards white. Don't laugh. White is beachy. It's bright. And it goes with everything. Reading about a house Jessica Helgerson recently designed she said, "I'm moving away from color as decoration." And I thought, "BINGO!"

So...anyone want to chime in with an opinion? Do you have white walls? Or is white boring? Is this a great idea? Or a dreadful mistake?


sloan said...

NO WHITE - i feel strongly about this, friend ... and i'm by the shore too so i know what i'm saying ...

1. first pic - love LOVE both of those beige colors - either way, it's a win
2. second pic - love all 3, but prefer the bottom one ... so much so, that i'd love to know the name of it if you have it - yes, i'm serious.
3. third pic, the one with all the blues ... definitely not the one furthest to the left (too vibrant) or the one on top (too dark) - i prefer the 2 vertical stripes just to the right of the lamp (3rd one over seems too grey).

i'll definitely be needing follow up on this color drama ... good luck!!

Pam said...

I'm with Sloan..NO WHite! yes...boring. Unless of course EVERYTHING in your house is white. And that only looks pretty in the mags.. (in my opinion)..get some color on those walls! I'll bring my whiskey over and we'll do it together.

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I love the beige (or sandcastle or whatever silly name they have for it) in the first pic!

In the second, I love the top one. In the third pic, I am not sure if that color will be a whole room or a focus wall, but if it's focus, I actually LIKE the far left. If it's an entire room, maybe the one on the far right is better.

Your projects are like my boyfriend's projects! He has such great ideas and is so enthusiastic but has a hard time making the final decision! Just pick a color and the worst that will happen is you have to re-do a wall or two! Paint is cheap! You will be fine!

karren said...

We had colors years ago. I got to where I hated them...then we went antique white for years. Recently we re-did the bathroom in tan tones with red and green accents in towels and mats, decor etc. LOVE it. We re-did the kitchen in red, green and tan with white accent. Black marble countertops. Love that too. I think the color is a nice change. We Still have white walls in the living room.

Andrea said...

White does work well for us as I have to constantly re-paint those mucky little (and big sometimes) hand prints. I do love the light grey colour though. my house would probably be bright colours if I lived on my own xxx

Kerri said...

I have no business giving you painting suggestions! We're the worst paint pickers ever! But, I will say which one is my fave...the 3rd picture- second veritcal stripe!
I think white looks so pretty when everything is white and then there are a few fun bright accent pieces. At least, it looks pretty in the magazines...I don't know how livable it would be! Good luck...can't wait to see it finished. (so hurry up!)

Nicolle said...

I'm in the minority here I think, because I love white walls. I like some color, but white mostly in our home. I do love those blues you have on that one wall though....very pretty and soothing colors. That book you are reading sounds really great too. Can't wait to see what Larry the painter does for you! :)

Gabe said...

Ok,so I m gonna rock theboat and say yes to the white! I love white . . .i makes it easier to change other things up. And, I also think if you liked either of the beige colors you would have finished the project already. . Can't wait to see what you do!

Megan said...

I may not be the person to ask. I don't think I'm much better at getting things done. I do like white, with a little tint of color. Creamy white. I also love that top swatch SW First Star...good luck!

Fawn said...

Hello my long-lost bloggy friend. Did I write that last time I came back here after a long hiatus? I was digging through a mountain of little girl clothes yesterday and thinking of you as I came across one of the cute pieces you sent us way back when. Even though I technically never have been in your presence, it made me miss you.

Anyhow, I've just gone back through the last several blog posts of yours, and it looks as though things are going well. My hubs is now traveling for work on a regular basis, so that makes me think of you, too.

Personally, my whole damn house is beige, so I'll vote no for either of those beiges. Also, did you know that all blues match all other blues and the same for the green family? That's my favorite decorating tidbit because I'm so horrible at it.

Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

I think white paint makes it harder to decorate in many ways.(We have a few walls at the lake that are white and it doesn't make it any more beachy). One color that has been a favorite of mine that is beachy is called Safari by Pratt & Lambert. It looks awesome with white trim and lots of tans, blues, greens, browns and dark & medium wood tones. Looks good in lowlight and bright light conditions, too. I also have a room in Pebble (Pratt & Lambert) that is more toward a greyish tan and has been very easy to decorate because it is a nice neutral.

I am glad that Larry is coming tomorrow so he can give ya some advice. Also, it may be worth it to hire an interior designer to give you color advice. That would be worth a few bucks to get ya started!!!!

Good luck! My decorating projects are hold right now. Hoping this spring will get me motivated! hugs, cathy

Jen said...

I like color....but just a little with lots of white chunky molding. That books looks like one i so need to be reading!