Friday, February 10, 2012

Do Over...

So it took me two years to pick a paint color. And when I finally pulled the trigger. And left Larry alone to paint the kitchen. I came back home to discover.

I hated it.

And I had three more gallons of a color that turned out to be minty green. WTF?!?

I didn't know what the heck to do. Suck it up and have him continue. Or stop the game. And call a "Do-Over."

My stomach was literally in knots. I may have even had an accident in Lowe's the next day. All over a freakin' paint color. I kept reminding myself that if this was my biggest problem in life. I was a very lucky girl.

I know that I am.

But could I LIVE with mint green walls? Or could I LIVE with being wasteful?

It felt like all those times I'd go into the salon on a major high with a magazine photo of "the hair cut." The one that would transform me into someone else. Instead I'd walk out deflated. Looking at the same old face. But now with ugly hair.

Or in this case. Minty walls.

And since paint doesn't "grow out" like a bad hair cut.

Wasteful won out. And just to be brutally honest. There were two more paint swatches on this wall before I finally picked another color. And stuck with it.

Forgive me father, for I have sinned.

Note: I want to apologize for not getting over to visit my bloggy friends in a while. I feel badly. I have seriously been consumed by this painting project and my photo class. I hope to get over to "see" you all soon.


Kimberly said...

Your post cracked me up! Probably because we are currently remodeling our kitchen (completely gutting and starting over) and I had to pick a paint color. I also chose a soft green. Not mint green, thankfully. Hoping I like it. Although the painted parts won't be much, so if I don't, it won't take much to change it. :)

Good luck!

{Amy} said...

oh i get this. i absolutely HATE the color we picked for charlotte's bedroom, hate it. it is offensive. and actually it's more like ME and not we, i picked it. i am going to re-paint it white one day but it's just not at the top of the to-do list around here right now.
Bring it on Larry!!!

Kerri said...

Oh I can totally relate to picking the wrong color...and the haircut ordeal! Green is such a hard color. When we painted our kitchen last looked more like a nursery! And now after the second color...I am still not happy with what we left up on the wall. Maybe you could send Larry my way after he leaves your place?!

Megan said...

Oh rats. That is just the worst, but good for you for starting again. You know what they say...It's not easy being green.

karren said...

I'm sorry you had this bad experience, but I hope you will be very happy with the final outcome

Gabe said...

Buying too much paint is soooo my problem, too!!!
But ya, mint green ain't gonna cut it!

Glad your photo class is keeping ya busy. . . Can't wait to see what you have been up to!

Kim {Yep, they are all mine} said...

The same thing happened to us when we painted the girls' room. It looked like the color of mint chip ice cream. I repainted it, but I still hate it...just less. Ugh.

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

My neighbor bought a color for his workshop called "desert sand". It's pink. He did NOT repaint it, so we've been enjoying his manly pink metal shop for years now!

Jen said...

Way better to do must feel better already!

My Interior Life said...

Uggh! I'm so sorry! Just catching up with my blog reading, and your dilemma, dear blog friend, is a very common one! I think you definitely did the right thing by picking another color. No sense in living with a color you will hate. Paint is SO tricky - you might love it in a magazine in someone else's house but they might have a northern exposure and yours is southern, etc. There are very few (if any) foolproof methods. Just trial and error unfortunately. Can't wait to see your new color on the wall. And I have to tell you, white/neutrals are the toughest. Good luck to you!!

sloan said...

i think i must be either totally color blind or woefully confused - is 2149-60 the one you're calling mint green? and the hail mary color is either 513 or 512? or sis the hail mary color a different one altogether? do tell, kim, which color won out in the end?! psyched you did it over - really hard to live with something you hate!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I would have had the room repainted, too. Did the store mix the color correctly?

At the new house Greg bought Noah's paint at Lowes. Lowes mixed it wrong. I saw the paint on the can lid & immediately told him that it was wrong. It was an awful minty green/baby blue concoction. In the meantime, the painter & I changed the color. Lowes refused to refund nor let us have a different color. We had to take home the correct color or keep the one they screwed up.

Greg chose a green for our kitchen & breakfast room. It was the exact color I had imagined.

Good Luck,


Anonymous said...

so sorry for your paint struggles! I've been there! May I suggest something a bit darker? It will make the white cupboards and trim jump out and brighten the room. I used BM Cape Hatteras Sand in my kitchen - it has great depth and changes with the light throughout the day. Every time I pick a color, I end up going one shade darker on the color strip and it works. I have BM Pewter Tray in my guestroom and BM Pebble Beach in my half bath. All one shade darker than my original choice! It really makes a difference! Good luck

Erin (Out on a Limb) said...

Thank you for making me feel better about myself. Not in the I'm better than you way, but in the I'm not alone in my paint obsession/indecision/dislike way.

I had my entire living room/hallway/stairwell repainted about a year and a half ago after staring at swatches on the walls for about four months. It's the first time I ever had someone else paint for us and the whole project was a trainwreck. My painter was terrible and retired with no forwarding number in the middle of fixing his mistakes. I'm left with a ceiling that looks like a patchwork quilt (must get on that).I learned that the colors I had before were just fine. I wish I had gone with wasteful to be honest with you! As crazy as it might sound to some, I know what it feels like to live in the midst of a room or paint color that just doesn't work for you and how it can affect your mood.

Good luck with your new selection. I'm about to start agonizing over bathroom paint choices, so I'll be feeling your pain soon.

Looking forward to seeing your finished product. I'm sure it will look great!

Bring Pretty Back said...

DO OVER!! ASAP!I painted my office with paint my friend had - it was awful, looked like the color of comet cleanser. ugh. I re painted it a soft pink... ahhh ... love it.
Also , I have seen so many people redo their counter tops with a paint on kit from home depot and they LOVE it.
Have a pretty day!

Kristin said...

I have a huge fear of committing to something, so I feel your pain, but I'm glad you came to your senses and realized it's better to face up to the mistake now and change the color to something you love while it's still relatively easy to do. You should love your paint color, especially in your kitchen where you spend so much time. Can't wait to see the re-finished project!