Sunday, January 31, 2010

Slide Show Sunday (or A Virginia Snow Day: Take 2)

Remember this lovely snow day back in November? *ick, blech, patooie*

Well, Mother Nature has redeemed herself this weekend. Instead of dirty, swampy, water-soaked houses, we were graced with the real deal. That's right. REAL SNOW! IN VIRGINIA BEACH! A GOOD 8 INCHES OF IT! Whoohooo! We are happy campers.

We've been sledding
throwing snowballs

drinking hot cocoa
making snow angels
looking for the damn dog
taking baths til our toes are pruney
passing out, too tired to get under the covers, dreaming of sledding.
Rinse and repeat for Sunday.

And the call already came at 1pm today that school is canceled tomorrow. Guess what we'll be doing on Monday.


Kimberly said...

Adorable!!! This is a life my kids will never know... Have a great Monday :)

Corey Schwartz said...

Oh,wow, great pics Have fun today! Can't believe you have 8 inches down there and up here in NJ... nothing!

A Mom Anonymous said...

Great pictures Kim! Enjoy the snow while it lasts! I'm over it. I like that I can SEE it but not always have to deal with it. :)

Lisa and Laura said...

Pruney toes!?!?! LOVE. Your photographs totally made my day.

Kara said...

Those toes are the best!!

Nicole said...

I absolutely love the pictures! The photography class is paying off! The toes are awesome...brings back memories of when we were little.