Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Burly Surf Dude, The Snowman

It's yet another snow day down here at the beach. Nothing new from the sky, but the temps keep dropping overnight turning the unplowed roads into an ice skating rink come morning. The sledding conditions were less than stellar today so we've moved on to snowman building. 

Here's our Surfing Snowman. And a little story...
Burly Surf Dude (the real one) was born in Hawaii. In a naval hospital. Because his parents were military stationed in Hawaii at the time. It doesn't matter that his last name is as white as Wonder Bread. And so is was his hair. It doesn't matter that his skin will burn in the moonlight. He was born on O'ahu so he IS Hawaiian. If you ask him he'll tell you, "I'm from the Islands." *gag*

He thinks this makes him cool. I think it makes him a dork. He'll do his best Pidgin imitation when he really wants to prove it to novices. Throwing out words like "Aloha, Mahalo and Br'a." Poser. 

So yesterday we were studying for one of the Big Ballerina's geography tests. We've made it to the states of the west. And, as we all know, Hawaii is a western state. BB was practicing naming the states and their capitals and LB wanted to learn them too.

BB: Hawaii. LB, you should know this one. That's where Daddy was born.

LB: Oh yeah, Hawaii!

BB: So, what's the capital of Hawaii?

LB: ummm.....

BB: Hona. *pause* HA-NAAAA....

LB: Hannakah! That's it! Hannakah! Hannakah, Hawaii! (yep, this Hawaiian blood runs deep)

BB and MAW (after picking ourselves up off the floor): No. Not Hanukkah. 

BB (trying again): HA-NA-LU.....HA-NA-LUUUUUU.......

LB (beaming with pride): Hana-Loser! Hana-loser, Hawaii! 

MAW: That's right, Little Ballerina. Daddy is a Hono-LOSER from Hawaii!

But he can surf, and paint toenails, and he treats us like his queen and princesses so we'll continue to let him live in his little fantasy world where he is our King Kamehameha.

We miss you, BSD!

*side note: I just noticed how WHITE and PALE that snowman picture looks in this post. I don't know what I did, but I think he really wanted to look authentic in his portrait.


Anonymous said...

My half-japanese (okinawan) american-born husband likes to claim that he needs the heat set at 72 degrees because he is "a pacific islander." When we visit Hawaii, he is among his people. men. sheesh.

Kim said...

Fawn- Dying over here! YES! BSD is always freezing here b/c he insists on only wearing short sleeve shirts, shorts and flip flops. We need to get them together.

A Mom Anonymous said...


Lisa and Laura said...

HAHAHAHA--so stinking cute.