Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Once upon a time there was a hen named Cocoa. She was a beautiful bird with dark, rich, iridescent feathers. And she laid the most delicious chocolate eggs.
One day, Cocoa lost a feather. The next day, she lost two feathers. On the third day, there were three black feathers in the bottom of the coop. This continued until, Cocoa was almost bald. She remained half bald for months. And months. And months. Nobody wanted to look at her. Or play with her. Or even hold her. Ugly Betty just seemed like a better fit.

Until one day. Seriously. Overnight. I went out to the coop and out strutted this magnificent black hen. Complete with a full set of shining black feathers. I could not believe my eyes! Ugly Betty has transformed into a Black Swan.  There were cheers. And tears. And celebrations.

Now...she just needs to lay her chocolate eggs again. And there really will be a "happily ever after."


Unknown said...

She is beautiful! A lovely story :)

Nicolle said...

Love this! Such a pretty hen!

Shelley McGrew said...

Sometimes one has to shed the old and put on something new. I'm glad to hear Cocoa is OK - what a delightful story.