Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Dinner Table Gets a Make Over

Like everyone else out there, we've been pummeled by some oppressive heat this summer. So bad that we actually didn't even want to go outdoors a few days. And since I've been a little lacking on the creative home front. And my word this year IS create. I picked up some fun fabrics and made some summery place mats and napkins to cheer up the place.

It's been so nice to actually sit down as a family and eat a meal together. I swear this rarely happens during the school year. So we've been working on making the occasion a little more special.

With fresh cut flowers. From my neighbor's yard. shhh....

The new place mats and napkins.

And some food. That we actually cooked. On the stove.

Oh...and I know there's not a clear photo of the glasses. But these little glasses with the stars on them? Probably my all-time favorite Good Will score ever! They came in a set of 16. YES....SIXTEEN! When does Good Will have a set of SIXTEEN super cool glasses?!?! All for $4.25?! I had just returned some little vino glasses to Pottery Barn that cost more than that for one. And they weren't anywhere near as cool!

There's room at the table. Come on over and have dinner with us.