Thursday, August 15, 2013

ten on ten: eight. ten. thirteen

It's been four months since I posted here. The time between posts keeps getting longer and longer. I'm not sure if that means the end is near. I have ideas for revamping this little slice of the interwebs of mine. But other activities always seem to take precedence. Important activities. Like Words With Friends. And Instagram.

And the fact that the last, I don't know, ten or so posts begin the same way makes me wonder. Should I continue? And if so. Why? If the answer is because it feels right. Then it will be. If the answer is anything else. Game over.

I'm not going to rehash the last four months. Those posts are boring. I don't think I could even sit and read all that. So I'll just keep the momentum going. And move forward. Even if this post is four five days old news already. Strike one. Strike two.

I was happy that the tenth fell on a Saturday. Saturdays are fun. Probably another reason that the last three months of ten on ten are left blank here. Must have fallen on weekdays. When none of my peeps are around to take pictures of. If I don't have someone to take a picture of my camera sits in the corner. Cast aside and neglected.

Heading out with my photo group to the botanical gardens a few weeks back really drove this point home for me. We were only allowed to take 36 photos. I think I took 14. I just could not find enough to photograph. One picture of a flower was enough for me. I need people. I need a story....

And with that being said. Here is the story of our August 10, 2013...


grocery run

horse riding lessons : bonding
horse riding lessons : tacking

horse riding lessons : posting

 horse riding lessons : grooming

when BSD is left alone (I've always said if he could, he would buy everything at 7-Eleven. Today he proved I was right. And that he has no shame.)

 another form of riding

too hot for the bulldog

a new cook in the family

brain games

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