Friday, November 16, 2012

Gifted and Talented: The Video

If this ballet gig doesn't pan out, I think the Big Ballerina has a future in the dog training world. Cesar your back.

Buster = 13 weeks old
Big Ballerina = 12 years old

Saturday, November 10, 2012

eleven. ten. twelve.

These Ten on Ten post titles crack me up.

", officer. I haven't been drinking."
"of course I can count to twelve."
"nine. ten. twelve."
"er...ten. ten. twelve."
"no wait...eleven. ten. twelve. Yes. That's it... eleven. ten. twelve."

And it looked like this....

8am - Saturday Morning Cartoons

9am - Gifted and Talented

10am - The view from up here

11am - The ride

high noon - play date

1pm - cheating on my Big Gulp    (hot cocoa with a shot of peppermint mocha. yum!)

2pm - little fishie

3pm - friendship time out

4pm - indian squaw (one of our hens is molting big time)

6pm - pizza on the porch

Yes. It was a gorgeous, lazy day with just Buster, my Little Ballerina and her buddy today. Such a nice break from the cold, damp weather we've been having.

Check out what everyone else was up to today here. If you participated too, leave me a comment. I'd love to peek into your day.