Saturday, July 23, 2011


Fifteen years. Fifteen years ago BSD and I said, "I do" at sunset on our favorite beach. In Hawaii. 

It was a tiny ceremony. We made all our own food. We even baked the cake. And when we noticed the big gaps between the tiers, we decorated it with poisonous plumeria from our yard. 

Luckily, no one died.

Fifteen years later. We are still hanging around the beach. In Virginia. Minus one uber cool black lab. Plus two ballerinas.

Fifteen years. That's a pretty long time. To spend with one person. 
Definitely a cause for celebration. And we did celebrate. Quietly. Just the two of us. Nothing fancy. A stroll on the boardwalk. And a nice dinner. Simple. Just like our wedding.

Anniversary Highs and Lows
  • Bad: The extreme heat and humidity.
  • Badder: Fighting over getting change for the parking meter.
  • Worst: Feeling your hair take on a life of its own. Hence, the lack of pictures.
  • Good: Driving through our favorite neighborhood checking out the homes for sale. Then realizing you're more than happy just where you are.
  • Better: Love texts exchanged over dinner.
  • Best: Knowing there is no one else in the world you'd rather have sitting across the table from you on your anniversary.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dance Moms

Getting ready this morning, BB was watching one of the morning news programs. On popped a segment about a new Lifetime series. Dance Moms. I had to stop and watch for a second.
Oh, baby. I cannot wait to pop a big bowl of popcorn, grab a diet coke, and prepare to be entertained.

I'm picturing Toddlers and Tiaras in jazz shoes.

Now, let's be clear. My girls aren't competitive dancers. They are ballerinas. Big difference.

 But that doesn't mean it can't get ugly. Or competitive.

Oh, yes. I can't wait to watch.

I'm afraid they may have caught me on the show.

If so, I know I'll be among the company of some of the other dance moms from our studio. Cheers!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ten on Ten: July 2011

I'm still alive. Couldn't let Ten on Ten pass me by. Hoping it will be the kick start I need to restart my blogging motor.
Ten on Ten. Ten pictures over ten hours on the tenth of the month. I have to admit. I cheated a wee little bit. The last few pictures were taken during the same hour. I couldn't resist. They were so much more exciting.

Does it seem like Ten on Ten often falls on a Sunday? Maybe I'm crazy. But I'm remembering a bunch of lazy, dazy Sunday Ten on Tens.

In any event, it was a great day. Beautiful weather. BSD finally home. Morning walk with a friend. Projects rebooted. Garden booming. Meals dictated by the day's harvest. All topped with an evening stroll on the beach. We live a charmed life. Indeed.

 (No. I didn't start the morning off with a margarita. Just a reminder of a fun evening with friends from the night before.)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

MAW Seeking BWM* for Hot Summer Fling

My blogging mojo seems to have gone on summer vacation along with the ballerinas. It's been forever since I've posted. Or sat down and shared a cup of tea with my favorite cyber friends.

Not really sure what the cause is. I'm guessing it's a combination of BSD still being gone. The ballerinas being home 24/7. Being out and about from morning til night. And when we do find ourselves at home the ballerinas seem to think they have first dibs on all things electronical. (Yes, I know electronical is not a word. Just an inside joke that I had to document to remind myself that money can't buy you intelligence.)

It's already July 1st. Summer seems to be whizzing by. Our days are busy and happy. Filled with nothing too terribly exciting. But enough to put a smile on our faces at the end of the day as we flop into bed exhausted. Well past our bedtimes.

I don't want the summer to escape without some love for my dear old blog. Yet I don't want to post just for the sake of posting either. I think I need some sort of personal project to work on. Not really up for a full-blown Project 365 right now. But I need something to jump start my motivation. Maybe a 30 day photo challenge? I should have started that today on the first of the month, though.

hmmm....anyone out there have any great advice for what to do when your inspiration has waned? What do you do to get your groove back?

*BWM = Blog Worthy Material
MAW = You must be new around here