Monday, June 11, 2012

goldilocks and her new shorts...this pair is just right.

It's no secret. It's actually pretty much the norm these days. But now that the Big Ballerina is getting close to moving out of kids' size clothing, it is becoming hit or miss. And it's always a miss. When you find a great deal. On a cute pair of shorts. That aren't too childish. Or worse yet. Trampy.

You know what I'm talking about. The adjustable waistband. That little strip of elastic sewn into the waistband that allows your kid to wear pants. Or shorts in this case. That are actually long enough.

That little piece of elastic is the first thing I check for. If it's missing, I pass it by. Until I happened upon this pair.

Not too childish. Not too short. Not too blingy. No rhinestones. No peace signs. No tie-dye. Just a nice soft, basic white denim. And less than $10. Perfect. Except for one thing.

No adjustable waistband. *crap*

I bought them anyway. Maybe. Just maybe. They would fit my 12 year old ruler. Yeah right. As always, they fell to the floor. But this time, instead of returning them, I decided to fight back.

I found this tutorial that taught me the secret. BUTTON HOLE ELASTIC! Who knew?

I hopped in my car. Made a quick trip to Joann's. Picked up a small package of this magic elastic. Unfortunately, they only had black, but nobody sees inside anyway. Raced back home. And went to town following this tutorial.

Twenty minutes later I was done. Not because I'm a great seamstress. As you can see from this photo. But because this is EASY people! Do NOT be afraid. Seriously. It's EASY!

But the Big Ballerina thinks I'm pretty darn impressive. "Hey Mom, you can take over for Miss Shonda as Wardrobe Mistress (at her ballet studio) when Brianna graduates now."

"ummm...not quite, BB. But at least I don't have to look at you digging your size 6X shorts out of your butt anymore. Here, have a sammich."

Shorts - Paper, Denim & Cloth reg. $38 
$9.99 at Marshall's

Now if I can just figure out how to make bikinis for skinny tweens that actually fit, THEN I'd finally make my fortune.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

All she wants to do is dance...

I am all baa-llet'ed out.

It's been a whirlwind of performance after performance for the Big Ballerina.

I think it was even getting old for BB and her Peep.

But they are being trained to be true professionals. The show must go on, you know. So they put on their biggest smiles.

And danced with all their hearts...

and feet.

Next weekend it's on to recitals. Where this little one...

Will also get her turn in the spotlight.