Monday, July 30, 2012

Paper or Cloth?

If you know me at all. You know that I am cheap thrifty. Sale signs make my heart beat faster. And I get a high when I bag a bargain. It's in my genes. Definitely passed down from my mom.

I also hate to spend money on things like deodorant and paper towels. Consumables are the anti-bargain. Total buzz kills.

So about a year ago, while BSD was away on one of his trips, I decided to switch to cloth napkins. I found some clearance (wheee!) fabric at Joann's and whipped up a set. I bought a vintage-looking wire basket from TJ Maxx (where else?). Put the napkins inside. Set it on the windowsill next to the table. And gave them a test drive.

The ballerinas were hesitant at first. Not wanting to get them dirty. But about two weeks later their default to the paper napkin drawer dissipated. And they were taking the few extra steps to the basket when they needed to wipe their mouths. Victory!

There were also no complaints when I packed cloth napkins in their lunch boxes. Even if the pattern I made them out of was a bit juvenile. It was the only way I was going to get away with using that adorable fabric.

I decided to take it one step further. And picked up some cute cloth dish cloths at Walmart.

These came in a pack of eight. Two each of green, red, blue, and yellow stripes. Only about $5 for the pack. And into the trash went the old, stinky consumable sponges.

Phase three was replacing the paper towels. This was the hardest hurdle. Paper towels and me. We go way back. Smear a dab of jelly on the counter? Grab a paper towel. Time to give the counter tops the once over? Grab 10 paper towels. Spill a glass of water on the floor? Throw down the whole roll.

Every time I reached for a paper towel, I had to wrestle my hand back off the roll. I was an addict. The withdrawal process was long and painful. But almost a year later. And I am still using the same 12 roll pack I had before the switch. And if weren't for BSD. Who uses two paper towels to dry an apple. I would probably still be using the same single roll.

It feels good to be using less. Helps with my crunchy-granola, chicken farmer image too. I'm trying to get BSD to hook me up with clothesline next. But I draw the line at reusable toilet paper. And the whole GladRags and Lunapanties idea. That's a whole other league.

So...what about you? Paper or cloth in your household?

Monday, July 16, 2012

fisher sisters

fisher sisters.

that's what they called themselves on the way home from the beach today.

two ballerinas.

spent four blissful hours.

at the beach.

no squabbling.

no whining.

no punches thrown.

just the sun.

the sand.

the ocean.

a net.

a water bottle.

and each other.

warmed this mama's sunburned heart.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


I'm just over halfway through with my Project 365. It's part of the reason I've been so scarce around here lately. The rest of me is over there.

Lots of great photo inspiration and motivation over there that keeps me snapping.

And learning.

And experimenting.


I'm having so much fun with this project. And just when I needed it, I got a shot of adrenaline from a movie. If you have any interest in photography. Especially creating photos with a vintage vibe. You need to race out and see Moonrise Kingdom. The story is quirky and fun. And each and every scene is a perfectly composed circa 1965 photograph. Total photography porn. Check it out for yourself...

And if you see it, I'd love to know what you think.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

we bought a zoo...

whoah! It's been forever. June came and went in the blink of an eye. Guess I needed a little hiatus from blogland.

BSD finally came home just after school got out for summer. And we've been playing ever since.

One of the main things we've been needing to do is complete the backyard barnyard. If you remember, we got a few chickens last summer. The idea was to be able to hang out in the backyard with our hens. Which we did. And we loved.

But we learned the hard way that three little hens can cause major destruction to the plants you want to grow. And the chickens were supposed to enhance the atmosphere back there. Not destroy it. So we needed to rethink the 100% free roaming idea.

So literally minutes before BSD left on this last trip we were in the backyard building a run.

We only had enough time to get the run built before he left so the playground obstructed it for months. Definitely not in keeping with the idea of the chickens adding to the aesthetic back there.

We also put the actual coop INSIDE the run. Which we thought was a good idea. But the chickens thought so too. Enter exhibit A...

The chickens decided to roost on top of the coop turning it into a poop coop. Plus, the dirt that they kick up with all their digging began to cover the coop and was no longer washed away with the rain.

Back to the drawing board we went. And today, we finally feel like we're on the right track. Chickens that enhance our backyard.

It involved relocating the coop back outside the run. Which is now closer to the food lockers so feeding them is much simpler.

And sadly, it meant taking down the playground. *sniff sniff* Maybe a bit premature. But, luckily, nobody is pining for it.

We still have lots of work to do on the backyard beautification project. Including finding more old bricks to complete a little walk along the whole outside length of the run.

But for now the chicken component is working.

And the sign on the gate is truth in advertising.