Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Meet the brood...

I graduated from the University of Vermont. With a Bachelor of Science. From the school of agriculture. I was even inducted into Alpha Zeta. The agricultural honor society. Yet during my four years there. I never sowed a single seed. Nor handled an actual animal. Unless you count a hairy frat boy or two. After a night of quarters. Heck, I didn't even have a plant in my dorm room.

I wasn't a crunchy granola. I didn't wear Birkenstocks. Or live in Slade Hall. With the clove-smoking vegetarians. But I did attend of a few of their monthly pot lucks. Because my parents took off to Europe. And forgot to load money on my meal card.

I was basically a city girl. At a country school. But UVM was my school of choice. Because of the easy access to some great skiing.

Maybe it's karma. Maybe it's the residual fumes from Slade Hall. Maybe it's this damn fear of cancer. That prompted their adoption.

But we've had them about a month now. It's about time I introduced you all. So without further ado. Meet our newest family members.



 and Lola

Also known as ...
Nugget, Patty and Fingers.
Yes. We have a sick sense of humor.


My Interior Life said...

Ha, ha - I love Nugget, Patty and Fingers and your sense of humor. I'm assuming you have them for the eggs and not the body parts? I think that's such a great idea. My husband eats eggs every morning, but my daughter is allergic so I'm not sure she'd condone chickens in our back yard (and I'm not sure we're allowed to have them, but maybe). Very cool!

Diana said...

Ahh--how I love the girls snuggling "the girls".
Can't share this post with my boys though because our neighbors have five hens and every day my guys ask if we can get chickens too--to sleep with!

Cindy said...

Oh Kim!!! you seriously crack me up!:)
Don't think my girls (or me for that matter!)would hold chickens though?!?! I guess we are REAL city girls.
love the surfin sign too!!!

have a happy day kim!

Gabe said...

You must be the chicken whisperer, because the chickens we had growing up were nasty mean. . .there was no kissing them!

I love that everyone is getting along splendidly and I am a bit jealous. . .nothing like fresh eggs!

Amy said...

I laughed out loud at the part about the frat boys! Too funny.

I've heard fresh eggs are the best.

mandy said...

oh, too cool!

we've been wanting some hens. i want to name them oscar and meyer.

i've gotten more 'crunchy' as the years go by...less hipster, more granola. i blame the kids and how they've taught me simpler is better and time is precious.

love this pics of the girls with the hens!

Pam said...

I'm so wicked jealous.
And trying to convince my son (junior this year) to consider UVM. And after he goes...we've been thinking of taking off to Europe. Hmmm.

Kerri said...

After a night of quarters...you are too funny! Ahhh the good old college days! ;)

Such cute pics of the girls and the chickens...and love the names! Maybe the next one can be breast?!

Amy said...

How cool! Can't let Matthew see this...he'll be begging for chickens in the back yard.

Kristin said...

OMG! You quack me up! I had no idea where your story was going, so you had me sitting on the edge of my seat. First of all, I have to say, I never really took for a city girl anyways, so getting chickens didn't surprise me, but letting them in your house...arg! Now I'm thinking you might be going coo-coo! But good for you as there is nothing quite like fresh eggs. Glad to know omletts and crepes will be on the menu when I come to visit. And, I WANT that chicken sign...except mine should say "Surfin Dogs".

karren said...

I love this last photo. Glad to see they are so loved. They certainly lucked out coming to live with you!

Nicolle said...

I hope you weathered the storm over the weekend!

Love your new chickens, and the sign on the fence. :)

Jen said...

Cracks me up! Love the chickens and the kiddos loving on the chickens!