Friday, August 5, 2011

The Friday Night Fish Taco Showdown

Fish tacos are a main staple at our house. BSD grew up in southern California eating them regularly at John's Fish Market in Dana Point. Or heading over the border into Mexico for some 'real deal' tacos de pescado straight from the street vendors.

When we lived in San Diego we made our share of border runs for some lobster tacos in Puerto Nuevo. Complete with handmade tortillas. And the best margaritas both south and north of the border. Margaritas that knocked you on your ass when you got up from the table. Maybe it has something to do with those worms in the tequila bottles.

Since moving east, we have spent the past 10 years tweaking our fish taco recipe. We've finally landed on one that is a bit of a departure from the authentic baja fish taco. But one we love nonetheless. So much so, that we often invite friends over for fish taco fests.

I'm sure I've mentioned that BSD is quite the talker. And self-promoter. He'll tell anyone who will listen about his 'famous fish tacos.' So, after years of shameless cheap talk, it finally came down to this.

Yes, indeed. There was a Friday Night Fish Taco Showdown in our cul-de-sac. All of the neighbors, even some who've never made a fish taco before, were going to throw down. Unfortunately, the temperature that night was well into the triple digits so there were a few less entries than promised. But the diehards, like BSD, showed up ready to rumble.

A broad range of fish "tacos" was represented. From BSD's more traditional Baja fried fish version. To Chef Jim's grilled rockfish tacos.

To Miss Jan's fajita style seafood tacos. To Miss Debbie's ceviche.

There was plenty of food to be sampled.

And plenty of judges to go around.
(no, that Smirnoff Ice does not belong to these minors. pinky promise.)

 Some working very hard.

And some who took their duties very seriously.

Spanish lessons were even included. No slacking off on the learning around here just because it's summertime.

And if you were annoying in any way...

After the very official votes (tally marks scratched on a paper plate passed around the table) were cast, Chef Jim was proclaimed the 2011 fish taco king. 
With all the bragging rights that go along with the title. For one year. Giving BSD 364 days to continue tweaking his famous fish taco recipe.  Juego de!


Gabe said...

How fun!!!

Looks like a great neighborhood night!

I just tried fish tacos fOr the first time this summer. . .Love!

Is BSD sharing his secrets?

Melissa said...


i love your life!!!

great sign-i'd come for one of BSD's fish taco-NEVER ever had one anywhere!!

gorgeous new header!

melissa xx

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I love your new header!

That sounds like so much fun! Can we get a fish taco recipe?

karren said...

What a fantastic photo story for this event. AWESOME! All of them .

mandy said...

Your photos are fabulous! Seriously, the whole photo shoot looks like an event from food and wine magazine. What a fun tradition!

Amy said...

What an awesome neighborhood.

I love fish tacos and have finally found a place with the best ones here in Las Vegas. If you are ever here, I'll take you.

(I am so glad to hear that someone else has major avoidance issues, too. AVOIDERS UNITE!!!!)

MEGMAC said...

GREAT pics! Happy to be a new follower! Thanks for stopping by :)


Jennifer Thompson said...

That looks like a very fun evening!
I've never had a fish taco...must try that.

haha, love the 'No taco 4 you' sign. How many were banned from tacos? And who was the (dare i say the 'taco nazi'?)

Amy said...

How fun! I want to come live on your street. I've tried fish tacos once, in Mexico. I'm sure they were good but I'm not a fan of fish so I didn't like them.

Pam said...

You guys totally know how to have fun! I love fish tacos! They're huge here too...and I am loving the new blog header! I think it's my fave so far. :)

Jill said...

Looks like a fun time! Cute new header I like it! Have a great week!


vanessa said...

I was just telling someone last week that I've never had a fish taco. Recipe please?! or at least a version of it

Kerri said...

What a FUN all the decorations and set up! I was laughing at BSD's sweatband! Cool trophy. BSD didn't win?! Come on!
(Smirnoff Ice is my favorite!)

Jen said...

Never had fish tacos...I wanna come next year to be a judge! Awesome fun!!! Great pics!

Dani said...

I want to live on your street!!!!

What fun. And I adore the tiki totem. (?)

Nicolle said...

These pictures are amazing. I love the message on the surf board. I want to be your neighbor too. I think I live on the most un-cool street in America. I'm moving, now!