Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Old Wood, New Art, Happy Campers

I really should be working on my photo class project. But I don't want to go there. Too many missing pieces. And only two weeks of class left. Gives me a pit in my stomach. Need a photo of the Big Ballerina but the girl is never home when the sun is up. And trying to shoot without any source of natural light is worthless. 

Case in point.


So instead I'll share our latest house project. The painting is all done. Larry has moved out. The new bedroom carpet is installed. And most everything is back in place. There is still a long list of things I want to make happen. But it all takes time. And money. So we progress at a snail's pace.

The Big Ballerina's bedroom really needed something on the walls. Something fun. Something large. Something beachy. Nothing I found in the stores appealed to me. And if it did. The price tag sent me running.

Luckily, BSD still has some free time. And some power tools. And some of those old pickets we used this summer to make our fish sticks with.

And earlier this week he turned a few of the pickets into a new piece of art for BB's bedroom.

I love it! BSD loves it. BB loves it. And most importantly, sock monkey loves it too. Oh, and the best part? The whole project cost about $10 for paint and hanging hardware.

Now I'm dreaming of some trim around the window. A cute rug next to the bed. And a fun chandelier to hang in the corner over her nightstand. BSD's not on board with the chandelier idea just yet. What do you think?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Seeing the Light...

Living at the beach has its perks. What it doesn't have is good shopping. There is no IKEA. No Anthropologie. No Container Store. And I just discovered this week that Restoration Hardware packed up its fancy new showroom and beat feet too. All I'm left with is a lone Pottery Barn. And a Target.

Poor pitiful me.

But there is one shop in town that makes my heart go pitter patter. The Shades of Light store where we bought our new kitchen light fixture when the old one fried itself a few weeks ago. It's a place I need to add to my regular shopping rounds. Because not only have I wanted to replace all the light fixtures that came with our house when we moved in. But because they have little unadvertised goodies like this stashed away among their $5000 rare mineral chandeliers.

Can you see that little green price tag? Here's a better view.

Yup. That's right. It reads..."Was $189. Now $19.00." The bargain angels were really looking down on us that day because we needed two pendants. And there were only two left.

So now after BSD climbed up on our dining room chairs.

We've gone from contemporary boobie.

To beach casual.

Now that the new fixtures are up BSD is finally seeing the light. And he agrees that changing out the light fixtures and the ceiling fans makes a big difference. Be still my beating heart. Back to Shades of Light I go.


We've also made big changes to the front entry space as you walk in the door. I will post about those soon.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Project 365: February 2012

It's March 12th. I failed to get my Ten on Ten posted. So instead I'll post my February Project 365 photos. I'm still plugging along with this project. And according to the ticker on the Project 365 site. I am 19% complete. *woot*

Nineteen percent. That sounded like a lot to me. Until I just typed it out. Maybe once it clicks over to 20% it will feel like a bigger accomplishment. I wonder how many more days it will take before I see that number. It's like the rowing machine at the gym ticking off the meters. I'm motivated by the counter. Only I can't pull harder to make this go faster.

But this is life. I don't want it to speed by me. That's part of the reason for this project. To slow down. And enjoy the ride.

And these monthly collages really help do just that. Slowing down. Enjoying the ride. Thanks for joining me.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

No more smoke and mirrors...

I'm still alive. Just pulled in a million directions. BSD is off for two weeks so we are in full project mode. Luckily, it's been cold and rainy so he is forced to help me indoors. Rather than spending these two weeks sweeping the driveway.

I think we've started about 15 projects. And only one of them is finished. But not before we changed our minds. At least three times.

Remember this picture taken the night before the big House Painting Project of 2012?

Well...about a week ago, I got one of my wishes. That fugly light fixture on the ceiling had been flickering for weeks. I just kept talking to it. Figuring it was my mom trying to communicate with me from above. But the other night, it started flickering frantically. Then it started smoking. And some sort of oil seemed to be pooling on the plexiglass cover. I finally stopped conversing with it. And flipped the switch.

The Big Ballerina begged me to evacuate. Claiming toxic fumes would kill us. I poo-poo'ed her pleas. But later checked Google just to be sure. Still feeling uneasy about it, I woke BSD to tell him the house was about to burn down around us. He rolled over and told me he'd look at it in the morning.

I slept with one eye open that night. And while sitting in the dentist's chair the next morning, I got a text message to "Go pick out a new fixture, sweetie." *woot*

So...two weeks and two light fixtures later. We have a winner.

And a new paint color. Benjamin Moore Limestone on the walls. And BM White Dove on the ceilings.

This time it's the real color. *pinky promise*

BB's bedroom? That's a different story. I will post the real color of that one soon.

And one of these years. When that money tree starts to bloom again. Those countertops will join the old light fixture. I wonder if there's a way to make those smoke and ooze.