Tuesday, March 6, 2012

No more smoke and mirrors...

I'm still alive. Just pulled in a million directions. BSD is off for two weeks so we are in full project mode. Luckily, it's been cold and rainy so he is forced to help me indoors. Rather than spending these two weeks sweeping the driveway.

I think we've started about 15 projects. And only one of them is finished. But not before we changed our minds. At least three times.

Remember this picture taken the night before the big House Painting Project of 2012?

Well...about a week ago, I got one of my wishes. That fugly light fixture on the ceiling had been flickering for weeks. I just kept talking to it. Figuring it was my mom trying to communicate with me from above. But the other night, it started flickering frantically. Then it started smoking. And some sort of oil seemed to be pooling on the plexiglass cover. I finally stopped conversing with it. And flipped the switch.

The Big Ballerina begged me to evacuate. Claiming toxic fumes would kill us. I poo-poo'ed her pleas. But later checked Google just to be sure. Still feeling uneasy about it, I woke BSD to tell him the house was about to burn down around us. He rolled over and told me he'd look at it in the morning.

I slept with one eye open that night. And while sitting in the dentist's chair the next morning, I got a text message to "Go pick out a new fixture, sweetie." *woot*

So...two weeks and two light fixtures later. We have a winner.

And a new paint color. Benjamin Moore Limestone on the walls. And BM White Dove on the ceilings.

This time it's the real color. *pinky promise*

BB's bedroom? That's a different story. I will post the real color of that one soon.

And one of these years. When that money tree starts to bloom again. Those countertops will join the old light fixture. I wonder if there's a way to make those smoke and ooze.


Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

The light fixture and the wall colour are great! The light brings out the wood and its so awesome I don't even notice the counters : )

Megan said...

Wow wee, I love it! Good job girl! Love the color choices, the light, the shade at the window...don't you just love a window at your sink? I am most amazed at the ceiling because taking those huge light boxes down is no easy feat. I just love house spruce ups!
p.s. The counters don't look bad from here!

Erin (Out on a Limb) said...

Love that light fixture and your paint colors. Great job on the kitchen!

Funny, my husband has a tendency towards sweeping the driveway too to escape my projects. This post cracked me up.

I can so relate.

Off to obsess over paint colors for my bathroom and whiddle the list of contenders down from 15 or so to 2 or 3.

Have a great night.

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

It looks great! But I am still waiting for you to say: gotcha! So I won't believe it until I see it.

Andrea said...

Great job Kim! It looks fantastic xxx

Gabe said...

Love the light and the sign above the sink is fab.

Love the color too!!

Now, what's this about BBs room? I thought you had already finished that!

Kerri said...

I want your kitchen....countertops and all! LOVE the light fixture- super cool...and the paint color you (finally) chose! :)
Is that a new sign above the sink? I can't see it...the light is in the way!

Tracy said...

Beautiful kitchen! Love the new light!!

Amy said...

Beautiful! Love the new light! It took a flood for me to get a new light in the kitchen-we had one like your old one too.

Jen said...

Great color. Awesome fixture!

sloan said...

omg, kim ... no joke, this was worth every single ounce of headache it took to get here - L.O.V.E. it all!!! the new light fixture is amaze-balls (seriously) and the color was the perfect choice ... the whole package - sign, fixture, color - it's all pure sweet 100% perfection - woot!!

Caroline said...

OMG...wow. Your kitchen looks beautiful and I love that new fixture! Very nice!

Cindy said...

Kim this is all so amazing!!i know how thrilled you must be!! To complete a big project like that is such a great feeling and the funny thing is..it catapults you right into the next project doesn't it!!:)
LOVE LOVE LOVE the new light.
i sooooo want to paint my cabinets creamy white...am i nuts???
have a happy day kim

Karina said...

It looks great. I am in love with the texture of that shade. Don't you love the feeling of finally finishing one of those projects that just linger. Been doing a lot of lingering over here and need to get going. good job!

Nicolle said...

I love your kitchen. Every time you post pictures of it, I want to come over and sit with you and chat. Then I want to get off the computer and go fix up my kitchen. Mine can use some new paint.

Hope you have a good weekend!