Friday, September 21, 2012

in an octopus' garden...under a new shade

Remember the art work BSD made for the Big Ballerina out of the old fence pickets? Well...we promised the Little Ballerina that she would get one too. We didn't want the same design so we asked her what she wanted. Her reply...

"a lavender octopus on a green background"

Alrighty then. 
A lavender octopus on a green background you shall get.

BSD is the bomb!

And you'll also get a new hanging lamp for some shade. 

A lamp that I originally bought on a whim for the Big Ballerina's bedroom from one of those online flash sales. I think it was Joss and Main. But BB vetoed it. Luckily, LB is not as picky. And she is happy with the cozy space it creates.

What I couldn't stomach was that nightstand. Splattered with Barbie stickers that don't simply peel off. And Daddy's cell phone number written on the side. 

While I would have loved to replace the nightstand with something a little bigger to fit the space better. I decided to just grab a can of paint I recently used on another piece in the house. That just so happened to be a shade farther down the paint strip from her wall color. (oh...which for the record. I still don't like. But it's staying. For now.) And went ahead and gave it a fresh coat of paint and some new glass knobs.

So we ever so slowwwwllllyy continue to work on the ballerinas' bedrooms. And every other room inside and outside our house. It's a process. Our motivation ebbs and flows. As do the funds to make it happen. But half the excitement is discovering what we can create for next to nothing. As in the case of the octopus art. It cost us nothing.

PS - The octopus is painted with all paints we had already. The green background is the minty green paint (mixed with a darker green) that I had Larry first paint the kitchen with. That made me want to cry. hehe...I like that it now has a happy ending.


Jen said...

Love the colors. And it's always great to find a new use for something old or unwanted. I saw that pic on your 365 site. Love all of your photos over there.
Have a great weekend.

Gabe said...

I love it...the purple octopus,the lamp ,the photo above the night stand...but especially a little girl whi thinks outside the box!

Kerri said...

So cute! I bet there isn't another lavendar octopus like it! You are right....BSD is da bomb!!!
And wow, the nightstand really pops now with that shade of blue! It looks like totally different now! Good job!

Megan said...

So glad the cry paint found it's rightful place in the world! You are so right, all of these things are a work in progress. I love the new art and the color on the nightstand. And what a creative way to hang that light...I always see those and couldn't figure out how to hang them.

Anonymous said...

It looks fabulous, Kim! Glad you're back online :)


humble habit said...

You are so creative, love your style.

Nicolle said...

First of all, I wish I was still as limber as LB. No fair.

I love the octopus. I think I need to order something from BSD too. :) It's just so cute!

I laughed about Daddy's cell phone number being written on the side of that dresser. I love the color you painted it, and the room looks amazing.


My Interior Life said...

Love it. I can guarantee no one else will have a lavender octopus on a green background. So unique. And that little corner with the light and newly painted nightstand look just perfect. My house is always a work in progress, and I think I like it that way.

{cindy} said...

this looks so awesome kim! i am sooooo close to finishing riley's room...what is taking me so long?!?! the colors are so cool and that lamp is so hip and funky! and BSD...puleeeze! he should be making art for a living!:)
have a happy day kim

Karina said...

I haven't checked in in awhile. Your clean happy beachy decor always makes me smile. Beautiful job. I'm going to come for a visit some day and just sit and soak it all in.