Saturday, May 8, 2010

Thank You, Jackie

My sister, Claire, emailed me this picture today. 

It seems there was a 5K race in the Philadelphia area today.

For pancreatic cancer.

I had no idea. 

Neither did Claire.  

But her friend, Jackie, did. 

And she ran the race. 

Wearing this sign on her back. 

For my dad. 

This picture touches my heart.

And at the same time,

Kicks me in the gut.


Lisa @ lists in my pocket said...

I got chills! That's a beautiful gesture. My grandmother died of pancreatic cancer in 2004. It's a club I'd like to not be a part of but the ordeal of pancreatic cancer definitely groups people together. Sorry for your loss Kim.

Anonymous said...


I had no idea. I'm sorry for you, my new bloggy friend.

Bet he's proud of you.

psagecreations said...

What a sweet friend :) I am sorry for your loss.

I took a quick look around your blog. Very the stairs. Thanks for your kind words for me at my blog home.

sloan said...

Hi Kim - Happy Mother's Day!!
re: cancer, it really sucks, lost my dad to it too when he was only 49. sorry you have the same ...
re: runner, it looks FAB! i'm beyond impressed - can't wait to see it with the bloomin onion in june!
re: camera, i have exactly the same setup! i'm restless for another lens though ... your pics are super!

1 Funky Woman said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm sending hugs to your Sister and good for her for the run. My mother died of Lung Cancer in 2002 and she was 58, I was 30, so this touches my heart.

Browsed your blog and I enjoyed what I saw. Glad to be your 20th follower!


{Amy} said...

I had to comment on this: I lost a close family member to pancreatic cancer as well, he was a wonderful, wonderful person.
What a cool thing for your sister's friend to do, I love it!

Haven and Home said...

Wow, this is strong. What a great friend. I am sorry about your loss.

Kim said...

Lisa - Thank you. Yes, it's a club I didn't want to join. And you're right, it does bring people together. I'm sorry about your grandmother.

SS- Thank you. I have some posts about this back in Jan/Feb. It was a shock and it happened so quickly.

psage- Thank you! Glad you stopped by. I look forward to reading about your adventure.

sloan - Oh my! Your dad was only 49. I'm so sorry! That breaks my heart. My dad had just turned 70 and I thought THAT was young.

So, you have the 50mm fixed lens too? What lens are you thinking of next. I keep changing my mind on that.

Megan - I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. Like I said above, I thought 70 was young. So happy to have you here. I hear 20 is a lucky number. :)

Amy - It amazes me how many people know someone who has/had pancreatic cancer. I had never even heard of it before Patrick Swayze was diagnosed. It is a fast and furious killer. :(

H&H - Thank you!