Sunday, May 23, 2010

May Family Photos: Musical Chairs

I failed to get a family portrait in April. I was REALLY bummed to miss last month, but BSD was gone unexpectedly for the last few days of April when I planned to take the picture. 

Lesson to be learned? Take the picture EARLY in the month. 

Lesson I learned? Wait until the last minute.

Then force everyone to cooperate. 

Bribe them if you have to.

 During the last minutes of daylight.

On the last day that you'll all be together.

For the rest of the month. 

Then deal with the fact that you look like a behemoth in that shirt. 

That you thought looked cute. 
Until you sat down.


My Interior Life said...

Loved it. I totally wait until the last minute. You never know what results you might get, but that's part of the excitement. And you do NOT look like a behemoth. I was just thinking I need a cute green top!

gabe said...

Such great pics!

I recently thought the same thing about a shirt I was wearing in a photo. . .trust me you don't look like a behomoth!

Heather @ Gerber Days said...

Cute family portraits! Adorable family you have!... and for the record, I think you look quite cute in your shirt! xo

Bridget said...

Love the family pictures! Your shirt looks adorable on you.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today! I love meeting new bloggy friends!!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

These are adorable! Not forced , just natural and adorable!!!

Donna said...

Great family photos! I love casual ones. You've got a great blog. :)


sloan said...

These are beeeeautiful photos, Kim, really great!! I love the idea of grabbing a monthly family shot - can't remember the last time all 4 of us were in the same shot?!

btw, my big girl has that same blue shirt and loves it! will email you back as soon as i have more time, i have lots to say!

Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

these are such SWEET shots! there is so much going on, yet they are just simply sweet! and no darling, you do not look behemoth~you look lovely!

knack said...

awesome shots! love every one of them......

....and the behemoth comment is so something I would I love that!......but you are not even close to looking like a look fantastic!


A Mom Anonymous said...

Adorable! Behemoth - if that means cute, then you got that right.

Jess said...

so cute!!! i have yet to do this...said i was going to!! now you have inspired me again!!! your girls are adorable!!!

1 Funky Woman said...

Too cute! I love that you jumped on the chair with your hubby! I don't get it, I think I look decent and then see myself in a picture and wonder what the hell happened? I know my girlfriends are big but sometimes they look like Dolly Parton's!