Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Finding Nemo and a Little of Myself Along the Way

One of my favorite weekend indulgences is to go yard sale-ing. When we lived in San Diego, my friend and I used to go all the time. Since moving to Virginia, um over EIGHT years ago, I stopped cold turkey. Not sure why. Maybe it just didn't seem the same without my partner-in-yard-sale-ing-crime. Maybe it's because I had two kids. Maybe it's because I never met an old chair I couldn't live without, and BSD would have shot me if I brought home one more stray wing back.

Lately, the whole family has been bitten by the yard sale bug. And I couldn't be more excited. Those old dormant feelings are stirring. As long as the sale is in our little neighborhood everyone is ready to roll bright and early. If it requires actually driving the car, BSD is not interested. Better that way, I guess. Then he can't give me stink eye as I'm off in the corner petting an old dresser, wondering how I can stuff it into the back of the car.

Since it's hard to sneak tables into the house without BSD noticing, I've been trying to curb my furniture fetish. Instead, I've been hunting for little oddities for the garden or accessories for the house. Some weekends have been epic while others have been complete duds. The thrill of the hunt is definitely an addiction. Kind of like my weekly visits to HomeGoods, only much easier on the wallet.  

So far, my absolute favorite yard sale find has been this old, craggy fish ashtray that I snagged for $1. At least, I think he's an ashtray. Whatever he is, he makes my heart sing. I think he could be a long-lost cousin of my new whale butter dish

I planned to hang him up somewhere in the yard, but he needs to be part of a grouping that hasn't presented itself to me yet. Maybe after a few more yard sales, he'll have some friends to hang with. For now, he's found a home at the end of the gravel path that leads to our back yard. Every time I stroll down the path and spot him, I can't help but grin.

What about you? Do you like to yard sale? Any favorite finds that make you giddy?


{Amy} said...

Oh, you have no idea. I am totally obsessed. I used to kind of laugh at my mom (just a little) for it but I love me some rummage sales. Now I have got the kids in on it and they each get a dollar and end up with some junky happy meal toy but that's okay. Soon I am going to do a post on my top finds. I love your fish!

psagecreations said...

I LOVE going to yard sales. My most recent find was a beautiful wood desk (that I use for my sewing machine). It is in great shape. I paid only $20 bucks for it!!!! I was sooo excited to bring it home. It seemed to call to me as soon as I pulled up to the house (LOL). Love the whale:)

Serial Swooper said...

Well, it was bound to happen someday. Turns out we aren't, in fact, long lost twins.

Nope, definitely not a yard-saler.

My neighbors, however, must be because, I swear, they host her own humongous yard sale every single weekend. Which is such a treat for us as cars line both sides of our street all day long. In fact, we even get to go into their yard a few times a weekend to drag some moron away from a 1970's lava lamp so that they can move the Tahoe that's blocking our driveway. And then there's the added bonus in the fact that the dog spends the entire weekend barking his big, stupid head off. Awesome.

Nah. I'm not bitter.

Wanna come visit?

Kim said...

Not so fast, soul sister. Don't write me off just yet.

I said I love to GO to yard sales. I don't like having them. I don't like people asking me if I'll take 10 cents when I tell them something costs a quarter. I also hate when there are yard sales on our street b/c we live at the end of a cul-de-sac and whenever there's a sale a meeelion cars drive down here to turn around.

This was the best one. At the last sale we had, a little girl came up to me w/2 books. Her mom asked, "How much are the books?" I said, "25cents each." Mom replied, "Will you take 25cents for both? She doesn't need 2 books."

OMG!!!! This was at the end of the sale when people had been haggling all day with me. I just stared at her in disbelief. For a looong time. Um, hello...if she doesn't NEED 2 books tell her to put one back!

Kim said...

Amy-Thanks! I can't wait to see your treasures. And, same thing here, the ballerinas drag home nasty stuffed animals or beat-down Barbies. It's the price I pay for my own obsession.

psage-Thanks! I've seen the sewing machine. Is the desk in the picture? I'll have to check it out. Glad I'm not the only one with yard sale love. :)

Jen said...

Your fish looks very happy in that very spot. Great $1 find.
My daughter and I went yard-saling last weekend. She found some cute jewelery and some designer jeans. I picked up a DVD and some Pier 1 coasters. I am a sucker for books, too. I can't beleive how some people can ask so much for their old stuff...while others are just like - giving it away.
Have a great day!
:) Jen

My Interior Life said...

I tend to be more of a flea market girl but that only comes once a month and is not always convenient. I like the Estate Sales I happen upon while just driving around. I can usually tell by the neighborhood if I'm going to find a treasure or not. Love your fish ashtray. He definitely needs some friends. Happy hunting!

sloan said...

Hi Kim - the fish is great, esp for $1! One of the best yard sales in town is our chruch's annual rummage sale ... they collect from all over town and get so much stuff they need to divide it into themed stations, amazing treasures!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

I love me a good yard sale! I found a string of the coolest retro Christmas lights last week for one dollar! I was so excited I put them on my shelf and lit them up for a few days! But i did put them away.( :
Have a pretty day!

Corey Schwartz said...

Ha, you are hilarious. funny, though, how you and I are so alike and so different. I never met an old chair I could live WITH! :)

liz said...

He looks perfect right there! I think he'll be happy to hang out until he gets a few buddies.

Kim said...

Jen- It is funny how people have such different perceptions about what their old junk is worth. I like the ones who want to practically give it away best. :)

MIL- Ah! Flea markets. My same friend and I used to drive up to the Rose Bowl Flea Market almost every month. Oh, I loved to go!

Sloan- Funny you should mention "Rummage Sale." I dragged BSD to one last Sat and he GROANED, "RUMMAGE sale? That is code for old, smelly clothes." hehe...

BPB- I would have kept those lights up anyway. They sound way cool even for summer. :)

Corey- OK. I'll call you when I get tickets to American Idol instead of to hit up the next killer yard sale.

Liz- Thanks! I do think he's pretty happy there. :)

Jess said...

just catching up on blogs...crazy weeks!!! here in MA. we call it TAG Sale-ing!!! and my perfect Saturday morning would be to leave the kiddos with hubby and have the morning to tag sale!!! i remeber one summer i couldn't find caroline something she wanted...not in any store...i told my hubby..."just give me a couple hours tagging, and i'll find one!" and i did for such a great deal...he was in awe!!! happy tagging this summer!!!

Cindy S said...

Just reading your priceless story about the woman at the tag sale and the two books.

"Nahhhh. She doesn't NEED two books. You know, because then she might get all smart on me or something and I'll have to hawk my koozie collection to pay tuition."


People are bizarre. The world needs more totally sane people like you and me. You know...people who spend their time emailing random blog friends they've never met trying to decide if they'll be BFFs. 'Cause that's all kinds of normal.

insteadofthedishes said...

I'm the offspring of a yard-sale maven and a flea market stalker, so I love perusing the sale of old stuff. It's harder to do these days with 2 & 3 year olds in tow. I've turned into a drive-by shopper. If there's something visible from the street that's interesting, i roll down the car window and shout, "hey, how much for the _____?"

Yeah, I'm one of -those-.

Angie said...

Oh my goodness!!!!! I've have been known to "pet" a dresser or two!!! I'm SOOO glad you found my blog!! Couldn't be more excited to follow along on yours! ;)