Thursday, March 11, 2010


Six things about the Little Ballerina on your sixth birthday....
  1. Your bumpers are still the most important thing in your world.
  2. You are a total free spirit who loves to tool around the hood on your bicycle.
  3. You change into your pj's the minute you get home from school. You'd wear them 24/7 if it was socially acceptable.
  4. Music is becoming an important part of your being. You sneak my iPod and escape into your own world. You play Daddy's iPod on the docking station and sing along as you do your arts and projects in your "studio." You play your CD's and dance to the music in your room.
  5. You love apples, strawberries, cantaloupe, cheese tacos, sushi, grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. But you would eat race car wheels for every meal if given the choice.
  6. You can play with your Barbies and other dolls for hours, but you also love playing with Meredith and Everett, Will, Baby Mia, Baby Nate, Lindsey, and of course, Miss Jan and Miss Debbie.
Happy Birthday, Little Ballerina. It's hard to believe you're already six years old. Where did my little girl go? There's a big kid staring back at me in these photos. I don't recognize her.

For your birthday treat, you wanted cupcakes instead of a cake. So, together we made cupcakes.  

For your birthday dinner, you chose...
(who says we're not klassy?)

Pancakes for dinner. 

And cupcakes for dessert.
(our sugar highs quickly crashed into carbohydrate comas)

Happy Birthday, Little Ballerina!  

I love you, 

And one to grow on...


Serial Swooper said...

That was beautiful.

And, my kids would totally choose McDonalds so you're like Princess Di klassy to us.

storyqueen said...

I kind of teared up a little.

They do grow fast.

Tell LittleBallerina that the StoryQueen wishes her the happiest, most wonderful year!


Corey Schwartz said...

Oh, how sweet. I didn't realize our little cutie girls were born the same week. Jordan turned six last Friday. So hard to believe!

Lisa and Laura said...

Oh, I have tears in my eyes. I love this.

Kim said...

SS- hehe...glad to know we're not the only klassy ones around.

Shelley - Thank you! LB feels so special that a queen wished her a happy birthday.

Corey- Wow! LB and Jordan are practically twins. ;)

Lila- :) Thank you!