Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Double Digits. Two Hands. The Big 1-Oh. Today the Big Ballerina became a ... preteen? tween? What is a 10 year old considered these days? 

I think I'll just stick with "my baby."

The Big Ballerina's Top Ten List
1. You have such a love of life. You throw your whole self into everything that interests you. Your entire face smiles when you're excited about something. I think you say, "This is the best day EVER!" at least three times each day.

2. You care deeply about "doing the right thing." You wouldn't dream of eating a raisin before asking first.

3. Dance is your number one activity. You sacrifice quite a bit to go to classes four times a week and rehearsals. Your flexibility is still off the charts. Your crazy hyperextended legs are currently an obstacle.

4. You love swim team. You would never dream of missing a practice. The meets are so much fun for you because you are happy just to participate. It doesn't matter that you're not winning ribbons for each event, although you'd like to.

5. You don't have a love of reading just yet, much to my dismay. But right now you're powering through the Mallory books, and even though they're below your reading level, I'm grateful for the series. Your timer bookmark is also a great motivator.

6. You still love arts and projects. You currently have an interest in learning to sew. I wish I was better at it to really teach you how to channel that creativity.

7. You continue to be a picky eater, but have added tacos and nachos to your approved menu items. You also love crab legs, sushi, kielbasa on a bun (yuck!), chicken, English muffins, waffles, Awesome Orange Tropical Smoothies and pizza (if it's homemade even better). Orange juice is your drink of choice. You have a major sweet tooth just like me, but you don't like cake.

8. You still love when Mommy or Daddy come to your classroom or to eat lunch with you at school.

9. In the summer, you love playing at the beach and will soon be surfing right along with Daddy. For now, you still need his help catching a wave. In the winter, you love going to Beaver Creek and taking ski lessons. Unfortunately, we didn't make it out there this year, but, hopefully next year, you'll earn your poles.

10.You are starting to like shopping. You still let me pick out your clothes (thank you!), but you are excited to go to stores, try things on, and help choose them now.

For your big night, you requested sushi at Sakura. 

The waitress treated you like a birthday princess.  
We never did figure out what those noodles were, did we?

You loved all your gifts.

And so did your sister. (uh oh!)

 Happy BIrthday, Big Ballerina!

I wish you a lifetime of continued joie de vivre.

I love you more than you love me,


Erin said...

Happy Birthday big ballerina!

I remember turning 10, I thought I was so grown up.

Corey Schwartz said...

Wow! TEN! Holy cow! Makes me want to freeze mine right now right where they are.

She sounds very special! Hope we get to meet her some day :)