Monday, March 1, 2010

Gonna Make a Change

There's something about March that makes me want to make a change. When I was teaching this was always the point in the year where I'd start to wonder what else I could do with my life. Luckily, spring break was always right around the corner to provide the energy I needed to go back and enjoy the rest of the school year. 

I'm not teaching now, and I still wonder daily what I'm going to be when I grow up, but the changes I feel like making now are to our house. 

We've lived in our house for over eight years yet we have done NOTHING with our master bedroom. We did get a new slick bed last year. Because our old one broke. A fact BSD is extremely proud of. For some odd reason. But, other than that, our bedroom is just a yucka space with not one picture on the walls. Very depressing. 

My plan was to go to town finally feathering our empty nest. That is, until last night. Last night, I started showing BSD tons of cool ideas for adding architectural interest to our master bedroom and he was nodding in agreement to them all. 

"Yep, I can do that." 

"No problem." 

"Sure! I can use my new router to do that."

And, then he finally turned off his UFC match, realized what he had gotten himself into, and decided he needed an out. Pronto!

"Hey, MAW. I'm willing to give up my leather chair if we can make the living room look more beachy." 

And, that is how we wound up staying up wayyyy past our bedtime, moving furniture around and around and around, drawing up a new floor plan, and finally deciding that all of the seating in there must go.

Anyone interested in a gently used leather club chair? 

New, official ASID, living room floor plan

Stay tuned...


Lisa and Laura said...

Oh my gosh, that chair is so nice! You're getting rid of it? It looks great to me. Now, this is coming from a person who JUST purchased a bedroom set for the master. We've been in our house over a year and have been living in the guest bedroom. I can't wait to MOVE!!!!!

Kim said...

That was the plan. But, I'm dreaming of slipcovering it in white and using it elsewhere now. I know BSD won't go for that, though.

Plus, now I have the neighbors beating down my door asking me how much. So, it's become the toy I didn't want until another kid wants to play with it.