Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

I've been looking over some old photos, and I am struck by my mother's sense of style. I knew she loved fashion. As a kid we used to look through all the store catalogs together... Saks, Neiman Marcus, Bonwit Teller. We'd rate the outfits. Just like Joan and Melissa. Shopping was a favorite pastime that we shared. I guess I never paid too much attention to what she actually wore though. Until now.

 Mom at a costume party.

In every photo, she looks so pulled together. And she always has on at least one statement piece of jewelry. I guess that's why she was so adamant about my sister and I going through her jewelry and taking what we wanted. As we looked through the pieces, we were amazed that so many of them triggered specific memories. Luckily, my sister and I have very different tastes so there was no fighting over who got what. My sister just wanted a few pieces as a reminder to keep in a drawer. I, on the other hand, wanted the pieces I remembered her wearing. With the intention of wearing them myself. As a way to keep her close.

I've been considering linking up to the What I Wore Wednesday party at The Pleated Poppy for a while. A week before I left for CT I tried to take pictures of some of my outfits so I could link up. I figured it was only fair since I like taking a peek at what others are wearing. Plus, Kathy over at My Interior Life and Jill from Blessings of a Stay at Home Mom gave me a "Stylish Blogger Award." Not sure they were referring to my clothes, but oh well. Thank you both for the award in whatever context you meant it. :)

So here goes. If I decide to do this again in the future I need to learn how to take a decent picture of myself. One where I don't have three hands. Or hand prints on the mirror in unfortunate locations.

sweater - Banana Republic (gift from my mom)
t-shirt - Target
leggings - Hue
  boots - North Face (never thought I'd wear them in VA but it's been COLD!)
necklace - heart locket (gift from BSD)

 sweater and tank top - JCrew
jeans - Lucky
boots - TJ Maxx
necklace - MY MOM'S! :)

sweater- TJ Maxx
shirt - Forever 21 
pants - Anthro (bought them with my mom)

BSD made fun of me the day I wore this. Said I looked like a "cowgirl."

shirt- Target
jeans - Paige (I think. Can't remember which ones these are.)
boots - Frye
necklace - TJ Maxx (is it dumb to list necklaces when you can't really see them?)

dress - TJ Maxx (bought with my mom)
tights - TJ Maxx
boots - same "cowgirl" Frye boots
necklace - MY MOM'S (big grin)

I really liked this outfit until I saw myself in THIS picture.
 umm...where did the baby come from?!?!? seriously, I need to lay off the chocolate peanut butter ice cream. either that or make sure nobody takes anymore profile pics of me!


gabe said...

you are too cute. . .a baby:(

I think it is really amazing that you gals take the self-portraits for WWW. . .not sure I am that secure in myself:)

Love all the boots. . .I need to branch out!

Bridget said...

Love your outfits!!

Kerri said...

You ARE stylish! I need someone to go shopping with me. Right before Christmas my husband and I went shopping to find me a new outfit for a party...and after shopping for about 4 hrs...I came home with nothing! I just couldn't find anything! I need help! I don't get the style or the whole layering thing! I would be embarrassed to post my daily outfits! Yikes! You look great!

Kimberly {YeP, they are all mine} said...

I've never seen so much of you!! Love it! I was just thinking about you today - and how much I've missed your presence here in BlogLand.

And I love your mom's necklace :)

My Interior Life said...

You're hilarious! And I love your outfits. You totally deserve the Stylish Blogger Award on so many levels!

Anonymous said...


I've been catching up on my blog reading and just found out your Mom passed away. I'm so, so, so sorry. My Mom died 2 1/2 years ago to a rare cancer also. Not a day goes by that I don't think of her (and I mean that literally). But, I promise that with time you'll be smiling at the memories instead of crying. One day, then one month, then one year at a time.

Hang in there!

Kristi said...

Love that picture of your Mom!

Your last little bit of this post cracked me up! Love your style! Your outfits are totally cute! All these WIWW posts make me realize how so not with it I am, but I love to see everyone's outfits!

Anonymous said...

We should probably take pics of ourselves every time we leave the house. More often than not, we would all share the same sentiment as you did in your last photo. We can't be great all the time. One day of greatness a week would satisfy me. : )

Cindy said... might be one of the stylish people I "know"! Seriously you look great! Awesome clothes!
I wear the same thing every single day....jeans!!:) I guess it would be a pretty easy WIWW to take pictures of!
Enjoy the day Kim

Nicolle said...

You are so very stylish and so pretty! I love the sweater and boots you are wearing in the first picture, love all of the outfits really. Your mom was a very stylish woman from what I have seen, and how you talk about her! I love that you will be wearing her jewelry. I am VERY sentimental like you!

Thinking of you and hoping your days are filled with smiles and laughter and lots of great memories of your mom.....

Anonymous said...

Look at YOU! Yay!

And that picture of your Mom is fabulous! What a hot tomalley.

Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

Kim, I love your sense of style!! Woot woot! Hot mama! My fav outfit is no. 2 & I love the necklace!! What a fun pic of your mom, she looks like she is trying not to laugh~cute! In the winter I am in ski gear or workout clothes. Occasionally, my high wedge boots with jeans and a cute coat! thx for your comment! hugs, Cathy

Green Door Girl said...

great pictures and outfits! You did great and yeah the whole picture taking in the mirror and not looking silly it is tough! :)

Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

I made the broccoli soup with a few changes: I used chicken broth, i did NOT pulverize, and I added diced ham (packaged). IT was a huge hit! thank you!!

Kim said...

I think you look great! The dress from TJMAXX is really cute! I have the same plaid shirt from Target :)

sloan said...

ok, wow you really DO deserve that stylish blogger award! With the winter we've been having, my uniform has been jeans, north face boots, and a huge puffy coat every. single. day ... sigh ... love love love your outfits, and especially love your mom's necklace, love this whole WIWW series, it's very inspiring - which I desperately need in the wardrobe dept!!

Jill said...

Your outfits look great! :-) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


The Moerks said...

Great outfits. I am never brave enough to take photos of myself, you only get to see my toes.
Yes a silvery pink polish, you were right. Thanks for visiting. Deb

Dani said...

*cat call*

Lookin' good!

I've found I take better pics of myself with my phone. I've thought about linking up as well...but fear the pressure. Plus you'd all get sick of seeing the jeans & tunic or jeans and layered t's look.

Jen said...

Cute dress! Love it!
Cute boots too.
Love the pic of your Mom. My mom had glasses just like hers!

erin said...

Love your mom's necklace. So cute. After seeing this, I'm inspired to get myself a good pair of boots.