Sunday, August 29, 2010

Camera Strap Slipcover

These handmade camera straps have been featured on many blogs and are sold on etsy. Every time I see one I fall in love all over again. They are so cheery and fun. Much more exciting and comfy than the boring black straps that come standard with all DSLRs.

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After putting the Big Ballerina's sewing table and chair into place, I decided the space was so inviting I'd finally try making one myself. Well, I tried to get BB to make it for me, but she's too busy with her purse orders and now making puppets as well.

I read tutorial after tutorial trying to figure out exactly what I wanted. Did I want to take apart my old strap and make a new permanent one? Or did I want to make a slipcover for the strap so I could change up the look as the mood strikes? Did I want ruffles? Patchwork? The options were endless.

I could have spent another month obsessing over the choices, but I finally decided to try the patchwork slipcover tutorial at Above All Fabric. Her instructions were easy to follow and I like how she top stitched the seams. It just gives it that extra polish. Plus it was a good way to work on my sewing skills.

Here's my version. It took me almost two hours because I am not an experienced sewer and I triple-checked the directions at every step. I know it can be done in a lot less time next time around.

I like it. Makes it easy to find my camera. Someday soon I hope to make another one to strap onto this bad boy. The new Canon D60. Available for preorder at Sweeeetttt!


Stephanie said...

Wow, you did a great job! I want to learn to sew so badly! I love it, and I also love those straps and want to get one sometime. I think they would be more comfortable around your neck too. I had mine around my neck this morning at my daughter's horse show and it was irritating my neck because it's so stiff. It doesn't help that my neck got a little red at my son's double header yesterday. lol But, I do think that would be so much softer to your skin.

I think it's so great that your daughter has so many purse orders! The puppets are adorable too! Good for her! I wish her tons of luck! :)

{Amy} said...

love this, cute fabric! i think you did a great job!

Dani said...

Good job!

I've made a couple of slip covers for my camera (and The Mr.'s). Now I'm into a crocheted version.

I like your fabric choices. Very happy.

Bridget said...

You did a good job, it looks great!!

Kelly said...

I love it, the fabric is very pretty.

gabe said...

wow. . .I am lucky if I can sew a straight seam for a curtain or pillow!!

I also love that camera. I have been using Drew's little point and click camera and am feeling the urge to get my own grown up camera!

sloan said...

Hi Kim - thanks for the visit, it's good to be back! LOVE the 2 ads you posted previously,!! And this camera strap cover is so adorable, I LOVE it!! I bought a cute fabric strap from etsy last year ... I'll send you a pic ... you'll see that you could start a business ;-)

Kerri said...

Love the fabric you chose...just wondering if it was leftover fabric or if you picked it out specifically for this project?! It's so cheery!

It's so cool that your daughter is taking orders! When is she going to get her Etsy store?! :)

carlotta said...

You did an awesome job! I should try to make one for my camera...hmmm :)

Cindy said...

Sadly my camera just has one of those little straps that hang from your wrist...I am hoping to graduate to a camera with a "real" strap this Christmas!! Should I bee looking at this one?!?!?!:)
Enjoy the day

Miss Sew & So said...

OMG- kim i too have wanted to try making one of these little *dresses* for my beloved canon- betsey!
yours is gorgeous - i am heading over to that tutorial now!!

and thankyou for your totally lovely comment on the snap of the kiddos and me...oui c'est moi!!

melissa xx

mandy said...

LOVE the colors!
"Makes it easy to find my camera"
yup. i'm putting one on my crafting list. thanks for the inspiration!

Jen said...

I love it! I won a camera strap cover from Mom of two boys last month...I'm hoping to get a camera to wear it on...soon. Well, I have to save not as soon as I'd like, but at least my strap cover is ready!

knack said...

I love all of the sewing creations !! The puppets are fantastic!!.... And your camera strap is frabjous!! I'm going to have to look for one on etsy...


Jill said...

hi Kim,
Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I am now following you. I enjoy meeting other Moms. great job on the camera strap. :-)
You are so lucky you are still enjoying summer vacation. Hope you'll stop by again soon.