Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"Uncle Jimmy"

I don't have any real brothers, but Jimmy has been my friend since we were eight years old. We grew up down the street from each other, and spent countless hours riding bikes, swinging and playing "Name That Tune." The yearly carnival sponsored by the local volunteer fire department was always the highlight of our summers growing up in New York. 

Jimmy now works for the same company as BSD, and when he's in town we get to rehash all the old memories. This past weekend we headed out to the local Strawberry Festival. There was a pie-eating contest, pig races and what else? 

Carnival rides. 

The Big Ballerina loves carnival rides. 

The Little Ballerina would much rather play the carnival games.
Luckily, "Uncle Jimmy" was with us...

And he was more than happy...

 to do both.

Just like the good ole days.


Bridget said...

Great pictures!! Looks like it was a fun day!!

Cindy said...

Wow those pictures were great!
I could almost feel the nostalgia in the air!:)
Love the swing and legs shot!
Enjoy the day!

sloan said...

fabulous photos, WOW! my big girl also loves that same "chair on a chain" ride (does it have a real name?!) and my little girl, like yours, prefers the games and prizes ... very fun weekend for you guys!!

Jen said...

Oh thosee carnival games...they suck my kiddos in too.
What a great "uncle" to ride and play like that.
My kids are lucky to have an aunt and uncle like that too. They play and play with them....ride rides...and buy them stuff. Great extension of a family...relatives or not.
Have a super day!
Love the photos you got. Very creative!

Cindy S said...

God Bless Uncle Jimmy.

Freakin' carnivals, man. You have more patience than I, my dear. Here's what happens when Swooper Family goes to a carnival.

- Enter and shell out $20 to buy 20 tickets for rides.
- Little Brother whines that he wants cotton candy (tickets useless for food).
- Big Brother whines that he wants to win a prize (tickets useless for games), which means Husband plays game and Big Brother receives germ-infested cheap stuffed animal that he will likely leave at the picnic table when...
- Little Brother whines for a hot dog.
- All family hits the merry go round. Big Brother motion sick.

I swear, I will drive miles out of my way to avoid carnival sightings.

My kids are so lucky.

liz said...

and a good time was had by all! fun times!

Dani said...


Guy friends are such fun...I have a few that are still around. Since I have no brothers, they fill the void.

knack said...

awwwww....love "uncle jimmy" ! bless him :)