Friday, June 18, 2010

School's Out

Big Ballerina:    No more pencils                      
                         No more books
                         (But, I'm really going to miss Mrs. S. She's such a nice teacher. This is sad!)

Little Ballerina: No more teacher's dirty looks!  

Big Ballerina:    School's out for summer
                         (But, I can't wait for next year. We got our belts today for Safety Patrol. 
                         Next year is going to be the best year ever!)

Little Ballerina: SCHOOL'S OUT FOREVER!
                          (Don't ever sign me up for school again!)


Cindy said...

Safety patrol belts...oh I remember those!
Happy Summer
Enjoy the day

{Amy} said...

hahaha..that's cute.and yay for school being out! : )

LuLu said...

Waiving and doing the summer dance with you!!! Enjoy your relaxed mornings and no homework to check :)

Dani said...

Teachers are singing a similar tune. I know I was.

Congrats on making it through another year. Savor the summer.

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Have a great summer!

Bridget said...

Hope they enjoy their summer. I wish it could last forever, too!