Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Where Are the Pictures?

It was a tough call. I knew I would eventually do it. I just didn't know when. But, last week I shared my blog with DH (who from here forward shall be known as "Burly Surf Dude" (BSD) since he thinks that's just the coolest nickname ever). 

My goal was to get a few more posts under my belt before sharing it with him, but I was too excited (and nervous) to wait any longer. Here's how it went down.

"I started a blog."

"Really? I want to start a blog! What's it about?" he asked. "Being a mom?" (Of course, what else would he think?)

"Ummm....kind of." 

"What's it called?" he continued.

"What Am I Going to Be When I Grow Up?" I replied. He looked at me quizzically, and asked, "Wait. Is this about the girls?"

"No. It's about me."

"But, you're already a grown up... and you are somebody. You're Mom." (yup, yup...) "Can I read it? Hey, am I in it?" (isn't it great to have such a high opinion of yourself?)

"Yes and yes," I conceded. 

That night, BSD sat at the computer in the kitchen and pulled up my blog. "Where are the pictures?" he asked. Oh, brother! Maybe I shouldn't have told him about this after all!

He read my first three entries as I anxiously cleaned the sink nearby. He was very quiet. At one point though, he actually laughed out loud. Yeah! I thought. I made him laugh. I asked what part he was reading. It was the part about HIM not being afraid to tell anyone who will listen about his ideas. Figures.

When he was finished, he came over, gave me a great big hug, kissed the top of my head and said, "I love your brain!" Ok, you're a pretty wonderful guy. Definitely a keeper. It also doesn't hurt that you think I'm so smart simply because I can spell.

Since that day, BSD has faithfully been checking my blog for new entries. (Why wouldn't he? It's nice to be the center of attention, isn't it?) He is asking me to add more posts. This is good. He's keeping me accountable and motivated.  

In all fairness, his question, "Where are the pictures?" is a good one. I recently read somewhere that pictures are a good tool for blogs. They help the reader by giving the eye a bit of breathing room. Hopefully, BSD is not the only one interested in hearing what I have to say. If anyone else is reading, I'd love to hear your comments.

And, for my visual learner...here's a little eye candy. Trick or Treat?

13" MacBook Pro available at Macmall.com. $85 rebate valid through 9/30/09. Link through ebates for an additional 2.5% cash back.


A Mom Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha!!! Love that one!!! Soooo subliminal ;)

A Mom Anonymous said...

Oh, forgot. I don't pay for the tracker thing (I don't pay for anything. I'd like to figure out how to GET paid but I don't think my life or writng is exciting enough). Just click on it and it will tell you how to add it to yours.

Kim said...

tee hee...I figured now that he's reading it I can drop hints. Yes, that was more of a knock you over the head, but time is a-ticking on that one.

I did click on traffic feed and it says you can get a free trial, but then it becomes a monthly fee. hmmm...

You know...once Ashton gets his first acting gig you can start blogging about being a "stage mom". That would definitely make for some interesting reading. I can hear your bank account - cha-ching!

alstauch said...

Love the new profile pix. Who knew that bike from BSD would be so perfect for you? Being married to an equally confident man, it makes me wonder why so many more men seem confident than women. I think women are so incredible - dare I even say the more evolved of the two? Yet, we (especially me!) continue to question ourselves, doubt ourselves, reduce risk. Think of all the life we're missing!
Love you! Keep running (yes - it's RUNNING!), thinking and writing.
PS I need to start walking!

Kim said...

Thanks, Anne! I didn't realize the pic was going to show up in 2 places. I need to change one of them.

Why do the men feel so much more confident? What's in their brain chemistry that we're lacking? You're right. We are missing out on life. I'm starting to see that. Working on changing it. Baby steps...

If you ever want to walk, I'm here. I still love a good walk especially with a buddy to talk to along the way.

Love you too! Thanks for reading AND commenting. :)