Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day rocked...

Mother's Day rocked. 

From the breakfast in bed served by the cutest ballerinas. (They actually managed to toast the toast this year. And add my flax seed. Major props, girls.
 I love this picture of BB because her dress is too small. And her boots are too big. So symbolic of this stage in her life right now.

To the sweet art projects and homemade cards. 

To the handmade bead necklace that BSD took LB to make for me.

To the awesome new camera bag that I desperately needed. And wanted.

To the freshly washed mom mobile that BSD lovingly detailed for me.

To the Super Big Gulp delivered to my door by a sweet friend just when I needed it. 
To the sushi dinner with my peeps.

Mother's Day rocked. 

Hope yours did too!

There was one more little detail that made the day extra special. It's too late to get a picture today. I'll fill you in soon. But here's a hint. It involves my good friend, Craig Slist.

Wanted to be sure to get on tonight to remind everyone that tomorrow is Ten on Ten. C'mon. Join the fun!



My Interior Life said...

Sounds like the perfect day! And that photo is precious (as were the ones in your previous post - I'm a little behind on my blog reading). Can't wait to see your Craig Slist goodie!

Amy said...

Too cute. Glad you had a good Mother's Day!

Bridget said...

Sounds like a super Mother's Day!! Cute picture of the girls, too.

Pam said...

Sounds really awesome!! Love the dress and boots...that's pretty much my outfit every day. Happy Mother's day! :)

karren said...

I'm glad you had such a great day. Your photo has nice light, and I like the white dresses and orange balloons. Very pretty!

Kerri said...

You photo ROCKS usual!
Sounds like a beautiful deserve it!
Thanks for the 10 on 10 reminder...totally forgot!

Jen said...

Hey! Thanks for the reminder! It's still early. Yay!
Glad you had a great mother's day.

Nicolle said...

Your Mother's Day sounds like it was totally PERFECT! :)) I'm so happy for you.

LOVE LOVE LOVE that photo and everything it says. Your photos always tell a story and I just think that is awesome.


Jill said...

That is a great picture! Sounds like you had a wonderful day!! :-)


sloan said...

I loved the photo for its gorgeous colors, but you NAILED it in describing BB with her too-big boots and too-small dress ... oh the symbolism ;-)
It does sound as though it was the perfect day ... Happy Mother's Day to you, Kim!!

Mandy said...

i love that photo so so so so much.

Andrea said...

Sounds like the perfect mother's day. The photo is just gorgeous. xo

Cindy said...

That picture is priceless!!
Glad your mama's day rocked!
A detailed ride...heaven!
Have a happy day

Dani said...

A perfect picture to go with the perfect day.

Happy Mommy's Day!