Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's December 2nd. Have You Done Your Christmas Cards Yet?

Yes, I'm one of those people who sends a photo Christmas card. I love them! Love getting them and displaying them.

I'm not one of those people who sends out a double-sided, single space, 8 font "family newsletter" though. I've got this blog. If you want to know what we're up to, follow me. Simple. I do like getting a family newsletter, though. Just don't tell me every last thing, every single person in your extended family, including your pet ferret, did every single day in 2010.

I'm also one of those people who LOVES a bargain. I will spend hours trying to find the best deal. I never hit, "Submit Order" until I've checked first for a code. I will leave my purchase at the register if I've forgotten my coupon, and go back home to get it. Drives BSD nuts. But there's such a thrill when you score a bargain. It gives me the same burst of energy as my Diet Coke.

So, of course, I was all over the current blog offer from Shutterfly. In case you haven't heard, Shutterfly is offering bloggers 50 free holiday cards. Whoohooo! Photo Christmas cards AND a mega coupon code. Sign me up!

Now comes the problem. I take all of these photos, but I haven't taken one for my Christmas card yet. I have this fabulous idea in my head of how I want it to look, but it involves my whole family. And BSD is not going to be available until the 14th to do this.

In any event, I was browsing the Shutterfly site, and I am so excited about all of the new designs they have available. I'm going to assume that I am going to use only one photo on my card. I've narrowed it down to these three choices...

Choice #1: I like the design on this one. I also like that it has more space dedicated to the photo than to the design.

Here's choice #2. I like this one because it really allows for a large picture. I don't really care for ones that print designs ON TOP of the photo, but I think this one is subtle enough not to overpower the picture, yet it makes a nice impact. Especially on a B&W photo.

Choice #3. I think this one is just sweet. It's a 5x5 square so that alone makes an impact. I also like the colors and that the year is printed on the front like that. a sister out. Which one do you like best? 

Do you send out photo cards? What about family letters? Bet you're afraid to answer that last question now, huh?


Anne said...

Personally, I like #3 the best. With all the awesome pictures you've taken this year, I'm sure there's one to send to the massess.

Now...all you Kim-Blog followers...what do you think about the lame friend who skips X-Mas cards altogether this year? Please advise... :)


Bridget said...

I like the 2nd one...
I don't send photo cards per say, but I enclose a family photo with a Christmas card every year. This will be the first year that I don't have pictures. When I got out of the hospital and ready to go back to work, it was to find that my employer had filled my position. I have not worked (or only worked part time) since June. I started a new job recently but don't get paid until Dec. 15, so not enough time to find someone for a photo shoot and get cards out. Next year, I will have some really good ones made, though!!

Genn said...

Oh boy, I bet none of these answers are going to help your decision! I like #1 the best because I think you look mostly at the picture and that is what I would want people to look at first and for the longest amount of time. ;)

Thanks for your sweet comment! You made my night. I think I'll wear that fair aisle cardi again soon now. :)

Oh yes, and I have my christmas cards in the box, bought my holiday stamps today! Just gotta sit down and address em.

mandy said...

oh i like the middle one the best hands down.

and thanks for letting me know about this free 50 cards thing.
i am planning on making my cards this year, i usually make a card and insert a photo of the kids the photo is the gift for aunts/uncles/cousins. and i get a bigger one printed for grandparents.

i also love getting christmas cards. i love having them all hanging up. so. much. fun.

they may even be more special now that there is so much digital media, it's fun to get something in the mail from our clan...and even more fun to send something out.

sloan said...

Yes to sending out photo cards - a BIG yes. And NO to sending out a newsletter with it. I'm also a huge holdout to HANDWRITING the envelopes (and a quick handwritten greeting or signature inside) - I refuse to go to labels in spite of the fact that we're up in the 130's with our cards (ridiculous, I know) but I think that personal touch is the key!

As for my faves of your card design choices ... my preference goes backwards - I like the last one the best, then the 2nd card, then the first ... they're all winners though, you can't make a wrong choice! Be sure to let us know!!

knack said...

First one is my fave!

I used to send out cards but last year I falied...and this year is looking like another fail....epic.....bad....maybe I need to hop on this free deal and send some out!

Christmas letters are a big joke around here....we love getting the "special" letters about all of the "braggings" {cough! cough!}..I mean "blessings" of the much so that we made up a bogus one, one year...and elaborated and lied like crazy for some good laughs! It was awesome!

...p.s.....I think I will take some photos of my packages....stay tuned...and seriously have you licked any of those lately? it's old school stampalicious! Takes me back to the days as a kid of licking those colored stars to put on my chore chart :)

Kyria said...

I love the second one the best!

And DARN IT. I already sent out my Xmas cards...I wish I would have known about this shutterfly deal beforehand!

I usually include a short newsletter with mine and always a photo or two!

Thanks for dropping by my site!

Jess said...

yes to photo cards!!! i can't beleive i missed this deal!!! just sent mine out in the shutterfly! i have to agree i love a card with more picture then words...i like the 2nd one only if it doesn't cover up any of the picture...i love the last one too!!! did you see the 5X7 one with the full picture and the monogram on it. I think it also depends on what picture you choose...this year i did beach pics and couldn't pic just one so i did one with lots of pictures. good luck!!!

Dani said...

I like the middle one...especially if you are doing a black and white pic.

We used to do a newsletter (but no ferret news) with a picture, but since I started the blog, I opted to save the money.

We take a family pic. I post it and make copies for family.

Can't wait to see yours.

Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

the middle one!! a friend sent me a similar one from Shutterfly & it was stunning!! (b&w photo). did your read my recent post with all of my past Christmas cards? my reveal of 2010 will be coming soon~the one that YOU inspired!!hugs, Cathy

Jen said...

I like them all ....and I think you should use one of the pics of you all cuddled up together in that cozy bed!!!
If I had to choose ...#2.

We change it up every year. We always include a photo...even if it's not a photo card.
We use Shutterfly to store and print our pics. Love them!

Clara in Paradise said...

2nd one by far. I like its simplicity.

Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

Kim, I hope it is ok if I link up to this post, since the bike idea was inspired by you!! When your card is done you will have to link up!!

My Interior Life said...

Okay, I'm extremely bummed I didn't see this earlier. I already ordered my cards from Shutterfly and did not see the offer. AHHH! I'm glad you found the offer though. I love their designs this year!