Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm Obsessed...

My blog has really been neglected these past few weeks. I've become obsessed with my latest assignment for my photography class. This time we have to take portraits indoors using only natural light. So every spare minute when I'm not...
  • making breakfast, 
  • making lunches, 
  • hitting the gym,
  • putting away toys, 
  • doing laundry, 
  • driving carpools,
  • cooking dinner getting take-out, 
  • helping with homework, banging my head against the wall, 
  • bathing my ballerinas shoving deodorant at my girls because they stank,  
  • tucking my babes into bed yelling at the kids to go to bed already...
I've been...
  • observing the light in my house
  • eating handfuls of candy from the ballerinas' Halloween buckets
  • dreaming of more exciting places than my house to take indoor pictures
  • trying to locate these more photogenic structures
  • wasting hours trying to upgrade my Photoshop to open RAW files
  • stalking my neighbor's garage in search of the perfect light
  • hunting for props for the elaborate photo shoots I've envisioned
  • poring over photos by Bert Teunissen
  • wishing I lived in a quaint, old European village with gorgeous photo ops at every turn
  • realizing my photos for this assignment will probably be taken in my plain, boring house

Unless one of you...
  • lives in an old, European village 
  • has an old barn I can dress up with a few props 
  • has a storybook potting shed in your backyard
and will let me stay with you for a few days. I'll be gone by Saturday. The assignment is due this Sunday.


I'll be back on Wednesday, November 10th for Ten on Ten. Hope you'll all join in!


Dani said...

I feel like my blog has been sub-par as well. If it weren't for posting a menu I'd be a bust.

I've been wondering if I should take a photography class. Everyone seems to be taking the plunge. I want some more technical knowledge and I'd really like some processing info. I am a dud when it comes to photoshop.

Great pic of your ballerina.

My Interior Life said...

My husband shoots in RAW and I have no idea what he's doing half the time. But he swears by it. He had to get a new computer for his fancy software! I wish I had some fabulous setting for you, alas my house is pretty boring as well. Good luck - I'm sure your photos will be great!

Kerri said...

Darn! We use to have a barn in our old house! I'm sure your pictures look fantastic for you project! The black and white one is really good. When I think of shooting in wouldn't dawn on me that you could use black and white. That just shows how little I know! I would need the bottom of the barrel kind photography class! Maybe someday!

Cindy said...

Love that pictures Kim!!
I can't wait to take a photography class...someday! I think I may have to resort to the on-line kind.
Enjoy the day
We have a great covered bridge...does that count?!?

And yes those were fish tacos...if you love fish tacos you must try those!!! After your assignement is due that is!!!:)

sloan said...

Hey, I like this photo - so not boring!! But, yes I get it ... in fact, your daydreaming of anywhere else but home must be going around b/c that's ALL I did yesterday - *sigh* ... I'm meeting swooper today for lunch - wish we had an interesting indoor landscape for you, then we could be a party of 3 ;-)

Jen said...

I'm with you on the candy thing...Get rid of it I say. I can't stay away from it.
Thanks for the 10 on 10 reminder. I hope to join in!

Jill said...

Love that picture! I wish you all the best on your assignment, since going back to school again... i never feel I have a spare moment!
Have a great afternoon.

Alita said...

I don't live in an old, European village.

I don't have a barn.

And the storybook potting shed is only a part of my dreams.

But with that being said, you will do terrific with the natural lighting you have. I'm sure of it! See you tomorrow for 10 on 10 chica.

Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

I love your devotion to this project. I would procrastinate & skip the RAW conversion (just call me slacker!). How about the beach? I am sure it is lovely this time of year & prob not many visitors? Some of my best shots are outside where I point the camera to the sky & get the underside of flowers, leaves etc.

I love your daughter's look in this photo. You wonder what she is thinking about? Ahhh, the pig tails!

I can so relate to the homework thing. Get the hardest stuff done first & reward with little bits of candy. Let me know if it works!!

Sent you an email, did you get it? hugs, Cathy

Bridget said...

Great picture!! I'm lovin' your photography class, I may have to find me one at our community college...

Andrea said...

Yes, come over to France! Beautiful photo :)