Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Skinnamarinky dinky INK: An Anniversary Tale

BSD and I celebrated our wedding anniversary last week. Not sure if it was 13 or 14 years. That's the problem when you don't get your rings engraved. You never remember when the date is. Let alone how many years it's been.

This year we celebrated with a night out in our favorite local hotel, The Cavalier.

It's been around since 1927.

And I don't think they've changed the chair cushions since then.
Can't you just see Baby hanging out here reading a book waiting for Johnny?

Or taking a dip in this pool?

There's old school charm at every turn.

The original windows in the rooms even open.

We had fun kicking back. Sharing a favorite beverage.

Enjoying the view. Before our fancy dinner.

The clouds to the left started to look a little sketchy.

The rain began to fall.
We sat by the window listening to the thunder crash right over our heads. Until we got hungry. Appetizers before our fancy anniversary dinner sounded like a good idea. Until we got to the swanky beach side bar. And it was closed. Because the power went out. And the power was out at the next restaurant. And the next. And the next.

Finally, we found a dive that had power. And margaritas. All was good again.

Until we got back to the hotel. And the power was out there too. The room we chose on the 6th floor suddenly didn't seem like such a great idea anymore. Now that we had to use the dark stairwell to get to it.

And that fancy dinner we had planned. Not such a great idea anymore either. Now that we had no power. To use a hair dryer. Or to iron the dress I shoved in my suitcase minutes before being whisked away on this little adventure. Or to see my reflection in the tiny mirror. In the old school bathroom. With no windows.

Nope. The fancy anniversary dinner was slowly slipping through our fingers.

There would be no sexy anniversary dinner dress. No smoky eye makeup recreated with help from Carmindy's book. No shiny, flowing locks.

Instead there were the sweaty clothes pulled on early that morning. There was a slick ponytail working overtime to contain frizzing hair. Bangs escaping in their best interpretation of Farrah's famous "feathered wings." And there was a face without makeup. Shining in place of the sun. That decided to take a break on our anniversary.

Yes. There I am at our fancy anniversary dinner. On the romantic outside restaurant deck. Surrounded by fine art. From all over the country. Watching BSD scarf down a plate of buffalo wings in front of me. And tourists get tattoos behind me.

We decided that the old saying, "If you can't beat em. Join em," was definitely in order. So we trolled through the tacky tourist shops. Considered bringing home pet hermit crabs for the ballerinas.

Got our fortunes told by Zoltar just like Tom Hanks.
Tried to decide if this dude was real or not. 
And finally, caved... 
and got tattoos. 

I heart you too, BSD! This one's for you, sweetie.


Jen said...

What a great story. Isn't that just how things get all hyped up then the plans change because of something way out of your control.
What a great memory...and in case you forget what year it was, you'll have this great blog post to remind you!
And,I think the Dude was real!
Happy Anniversary!

Kimberly said...

No one puts baby in the corner!

What a fun date :)

Debbie said...

Don't go without blogging for that long again- ok, alright, it WAS a special ocassion. But we missed you. And it looks like you had much fun despite the unfortunate weather. Congrats! Next time- a real tattoo?

Bridget said...

This would so happen on our anniversary...except the two of us totally forgot about ours last year until two weeks after it had passed by...Love the pictures and love the tattoos. I have a heart on my ankle and I LOVE it.

Cindy S. said...

I think your actual getaway was ultimately more romantic and special than it would have been if all had gone as planned.

Besides...nothin' says sexy like a henna octopus.

sloan said...

Glad you're back, I was missing you!! I love that you made lemonade out of those anniversary lemons - looks like a GREAT time after all!!

Liz said...

Oh no!! What a bummer! At least you made the best of it with your margaritas and buffalo wings!

Kelly said...

Happy Anniversary! Gorgeous pictures, looks like you guys had an amazing getaway!

Cindy said...

I love how every rainy cloud was turned into one with a silver lining!
Happy Anniversary to you!
Enjoy the night

knack said...

wowsa! what a tale! but it looked like all ended very well and that you all had a great anniversary!

happy, happy...


Clara said...

Are you me? I never remember how long my husband and I have been together. We got married on his birthday so we could at least remember that.

Sounds like you had an awesome date. The old flame still burns, ah?