Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Couple of Before Pictures

The holiday weekend sucked the life out of us. We were busy, busy, busy. It was lots of fun. But...

We're all still yawning four days later. The heat and humidity soared back up and our energy plunged as a result. These past few days were definitely the lazy days of summer.

But we're getting motivated to tackle some new projects around the house. I've had some old pieces eating up valuable floor space in the garage. I've started on one and hope to crank the other one out soon.

This Craigslist chest is going to be BSD's new night stand. It's pretty big, but he likes it. Bigger is better in his book. I hope it looks right once it's done because he'll kill me if I don't wind up liking it after all this effort.

And this little puppy that we dragged out of the trash heap is going to be the Big Ballerina's night stand. It needs quite a bit of TLC. I think it has the potential to be super cute. I just need to decide on what color to paint it. 

And that will probably take me about six months to figure out.


Kerri said...

I just posted a before and after today...and my next project is a dresser too. Mine will just be white...hope yours will be a little more exciting! :)
CUTE nightstand! Looking forward to seeing what you will do with it!

Dani said...

Good scores!

I can totally see the potential.

Cindy said... I the ONLY one not finding good Craigslist and roadside deals???
Love those pieces and can't wait to see the finished projects...even if there is snow on the ground!!:)
Enjoy the day

sloan said...

Looking forward to the 'after' ;-) ... such potential in these pieces, love 'em!!

sloan said...

Kim - saw your comment @ the marimekko bug - dear god, if you have a photo PLEEEEASE send ... that sounds like the dream car of all dream cars - B.A.N.A.N.A.S!!!!