Sunday, December 13, 2009

The $34 Nap

BSD deserves a medal. He's been working out of town for weeks, but the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving he raced home to be with us for the holiday. That Sunday, he turned right back around and drove another eight hours back to Charleston. 

After countless sleepless nights, he arrived back home yesterday afternoon. He went back into work at midnight last night, and worked until 8 in the morning. He had enough time to eat, shower and change his clothes before hopping back in the car. This time with three excited ballerinas in tow. He drove them an hour to the theater, waited another hour for showtime, and proceeded to his seat in the audience to watch his daughter dance in the Nutcracker.

He sat through the entire performance, picked up the even more excited ballerinas backstage, drove them an hour back home, dropped each of them off at their respective houses in different directions, cooked dinner, and then at 8pm, we drove him back to work... for the next six days.

He was grumpy and irritated on the drive back to work. I knew he was exhausted, and he most certainly earned the right to be grumpy.

"I'm sorry I'm in such a bad mood," he apologized as we were driving.

"It's ok. I totally understand. You've got to be exhausted! But, you got to see the Big Ballerina dance which is what this weekend was all about. You're a hero!" I consoled him.

"How much did my ticket cost?" he asked.

"$34. How was the show, anyway?" I replied.

"I have no idea," he confessed. "I was sound asleep."

Yes, BSD definitely deserves a medal, and a long winter's nap...complete with visions of the Sugar Plum Fairy dancing in his head.


Corey Schwartz said...

Aw! Poor guy!(Hopefully Big Ballerina will never know!)

Erin said...

oh man! what does he do that requires him to work so much? i think he deserves a vacay!

Lisa and Laura said...

Ha! This happened to my parents at a production of Jane Eyre last week. My mom came home and asked me: "What was the deal with Rochester's wife anyways?" Hilarious.

storyqueen said...

Too funny. But at least he got some rest. The Nutcracker is kind of long (Yes, I've seen it a jullion times. My girls did ballet long ago. They've been children of Mother Ginger, Chinese Tea, Spanish chocolate....


Kim said...

Corey-I just hope she doesn't try to start reading my blog!

Erin- He does deserve a vacation. He is a merchant mariner. Right now he's the Navigator so it's his job to make sure the ship gets where it's supposed to go.

Lila - hehe...I remember dozing off during Les Miserables. I loved it but it was late at night and it was LONG!

Shelley - I agree...especially the 2nd act where it's all pure dance. The music just lulls you to sleep as the Sugar Plum Fairy dances on and on and on. At what age did your girls switch to Irish Dance?