Monday, November 16, 2009

Finding Nemo

The flooding is over and the kids are back in school. We were lucky. Our yard was half under water, but our house, like an island, remained high and dry. Sadly, for many of my friends and neighbors the water did find its way into their homes. 

One of the best things about our neighborhood is the sense of community. From helping a neighbor replace his ruined hot water heater to loaning out your pair of rainboots to someone in deeper trouble, everyone is pitching in to help each other out. There are even Lost and Found emails circulating in hopes of returning wayward items. It's amazing what items managed to float away in the storm. Take a look...

  1. If anyone lost their kayak from the dunes last night, they may find it in a pile down on the beach near McDonald's. 
  2. A large boat bumper - light in color was found.  Email if you are missing one.
  3. Several boat boxes have been lost and found.  If you have found one, let me know and i will post it. 
  4.  A long haired fluffy (but slight) grey and white kitty showed up at our front door last night.  We took her in and fed her and gave her a place to sleep for the night.  She has no collar, but is very sweet (not ferrell).  We let her out in the a.m. and she was gone for the day, but has returned again this (Sat) evening.  We'll keep her for the night.  If you have any idea where she belongs or if you're looking for a sweet pet, please contact ----.
Good Samaritans, huh? I'll say! But this do-gooder really warms my heart...

If anyone lost some goldfish or coy in the storm.  We found 2 of them.

Hallelujah! Nemo is found at last!

*Side Note: If anyone needs anything, please don't hesitate to ask. I'm not good with power tools, but I can loan you just about anything. If it turns out to be something you have to buy, I am good at researching the best deal around. Oh, and I'm a good listener and can bake a pretty good chocolate chip cookie. Both have been proven to be therapeutic.


Lisa and Laura said...

Too funny! I can't imagine claiming one of those goldfish.

Erin said...

i am so glad that you, your family and your home are safe. so scary! but i love how those scary events in our lives bring us together as we depend on others.

Kim said...

LiLa - I cracked up when I saw that email. My first thought was "Are they dead?!" But then I remembered Nemo and realized if there's one animal that could survive a flood, it would be a fish.

Erin - Thank you, Erin! Did you guys have any flooding. You're really not that far away, are you?