Monday, February 11, 2013

Ten on Ten: two. ten. thirteen.

February 10th. BSD's birthday. Perfect day for a Ten on Ten. Only problem? BSD is not home. So no birthday birthday cake. No decorations. No pretty wrapped packages in this set. Just a lazy Sunday at home. Doing laundry. Playing outdoors. Catching up on homework. Getting a haircut. Hanging with the puppy dog. Not the day it should have been. But a good one just the same.

January came and went in a flash. Every weekend was consumed with ballet summer intensive auditions. Four weekends. Four auditions. Driving either to Washington, DC or some city in North Carolina. It was fun. At first. By the fourth audition I was cooked. And so was BB. But the results are all in. The intensive has been chosen. And BB is already packing her bags. She's downloaded an app on her iTouch that counts down the days until she gets to go. Summer cannot get her soon enough as far as she's concerned. Exciting times.

Buster continues to be a major source of excitement in our house. He is bigger every morning. And smarter. And sweeter. He's already six months old. And wayyyyy too frisky. He's off to get snipped here in the next few weeks. Crossing our fingers that curbs his enthusiasm. I'm not used to having a boy. yeesh!

I am still waiting for the day that one of my family members is willing to get outdoors with me to let me play with my film cameras. I have a small stockpile of film and am chomping at the bit to explore with it. In the meantime, I'm trying to keep up with year two of my Project 365. But giving myself the freedom to use my iPhone as needed.

One of these days I hope to get back to this space more regularly again. But it's been a welcome break for me. I do miss it. But I also enjoy the freedom. Since I haven't had time to blog hop it hasn't felt right to post. I've been trying to keep up on Instagram. I'm mawlovesbsd. But I'm not sure I've found all of you. If you're on Instagram, and we haven't caught up, let me know how to find you in the comments.



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mmcgre01 said...

This looks like a wonderful day. Favs... conversation with giraffe, gymnast, and dog bath with bikini...LOL.

Kerri said...

Buster looks thrilled to be getting a bath! And LB looks just like my son does with his ipod....I am always telling him to back up or his eyes are going to fall out someday!
Congratulatons to your big ballerina!! Her hard work is taking her places for sure!

kim {the non-mom blogger} said...

Stopping in to say HI!!

{cindy} said...

missin you kim!!:)
but i get it for real!
love all these shots.
oh to be that flexible...geesh!
congrats to her.
and when did your puppy get so big?:)
have a happy day

Karina said...

Yay - so glad the SI circuit is over and a company has been exciting. I'll be living vicariously and so will my Little K. Does BB have an instagram? It would be cool to hook up our girls. We have rules about what Little K is allowed to post (hopefully nothing too personal - paranoid mom stepping in). I love the Buster Bath shot - and as always, your glorious light. Have a great seeing you on IG - it seems so much easier these days.

Megan said...

I always love to see you pop up in my blog good to see what you guys are up to. Congrats to BB...she is a wonder! Love the lazy day peek into your life...your photos are as stunning as ever. Don't stay away too long!

Bring Pretty Back said...

What GREAT GREAT GREAT pics!!! They are so cool - and REAL!
Thanks for sharing!!
Have a pretty day!