Monday, July 16, 2012

fisher sisters

fisher sisters.

that's what they called themselves on the way home from the beach today.

two ballerinas.

spent four blissful hours.

at the beach.

no squabbling.

no whining.

no punches thrown.

just the sun.

the sand.

the ocean.

a net.

a water bottle.

and each other.

warmed this mama's sunburned heart.


Sheryl said...
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Sheryl said...

Sheryl said...
Four hours of bliss? I bet that recharged everybody's batteries. I love it when my children get on, although there is less of it now as 3/4 of them are teens. I just have to catch those moments when they are the best of friends. Lovely photography by the way. You have really captured the moment x

July 17, 2012 1:51 AM

Andrea @ little buckles said...

That sounds bliss. One must take in every moment when siblings aren't squabbling :)

Lisa Jay photography said...

It's my favourite thing when my two girls enjoy each others company. This will always be a beautiful memory for you.

Kerri said...

You always capture the best moments!

Cindy S said...

Those moments when my boys act like they actually love each other warm my heart, too. Nothing better.

Heading to OBX 8/19. Will wave excitedly as we pass VA Beach!

Anonymous said...

It's almost better when they only have each other friends around. Those are the moments my two ladybugs find the love as well!
Glad to hear you ALL had a nice day together.


Jen said...

Oh yeah! Soak it up! It is who they truly are!

Amy said...

sounds wonderful! Glad you had a good time. Love the photo.

Nicolle said...

Ohhhhh, that is a gorgeous picture!

Those are the best days, huh?! Kind of dreamy when all things align just right and at the end of the day you sigh and say, that was kind of perfect.


Cindy said...

perfect day
perfect shot