Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A few holiday tips and tricks...

I think I've finally recovered from the long weekend flurry of Christmas prep festivities. We were able to cross everything off our to-do list. All that training really paid off.

We even managed to squeeze in a little brow maintenance. Both mine and the Big Ballerina's. Yup. BB got her eyebrows waxed for the first time this weekend. She survived. And I'm happy to report. I did too.

What is not surviving is my waistline. Even without cooking the full-monty turkey dinner this year, I still managed to eat massive amounts of food. And I can't seem to stop.

At one point I asked BB to throw my jeans in the washing machine for me. She picked them up. Stared at them for a minute. And asked incredulously, "Are these Daddy's?!?" Oh dear Lord! I know they're called boyfriend jeans. But this is out of control.

My solution? Get rid of the two Thanksgiving pies. Pronto! Now throwing them away would be a sin. I couldn't do that. No. I had a better idea.

Let the ballerinas eat pie for breakfast. As a mid-day snack. And again for dessert. The pies were gone in two days. And the ballerinas now think I'm the coolest mom on the planet. Win-Win. They even ate pie while decorating their gingerbread houses. Who knew gumdrops went so well with pumpkin?

Last year was the first year I let the ballerinas make gingerbread houses. I learned the hard way that you can't just sit down and build these things in one sitting. That is. Unless you get smart.

And break out the ole glue gun. Works like a charm. Hot glue the structure together instead of using the icing. Save yourself a lot of time. And disappointed kids. Who will cry when they realize they have to wait 2-4 hours before they can get to the fun part.

So. How about you? Did you survive? Do any Black Friday shopping? Any Christmas prep? Any overeating? Got any suggestions for how to stop?!?


Cindy said...

Oh Kim...I love coming here..you really make me smile!:)
yes, i survived black friday...outside at target from 9:30 till 12...in the cold!:) But i got what i came for and got OUT!
Decorating almost done and no pies in the house. But i am relly afraid to start making those cookies!!!:)
We alwasy glue our g.houses too!:)
Old teacher trick I guess.
have a happy day

Kerri said...

Oh I love this idea Kim! Last year was our first time putting together a gingerbread house too. The house wanted to lean....the roof wanted to cave in. I remember my husband saying, "this is ridiculous!" Decorating is the fun part anyway! No pies around here...I did make a pumpkin crunch cake...and that baby was polished off two days afer Thanksgiving! I can't keep stuff like that around here...I have zero will power! And, I didn't venture out on black friday...but I did put a big dent on Christmas on cyber monday!

Nicolle said...

Boyd and I decorated our first gingerbread house this week. It was a mess. I bought a pre-assembled one. I cheated, and it was still a mess. We had fun though. I love your pictures of the girls putting theirs together. I bet they do think you are awesome for letting them have all the pie. My MIL cooked, so we just ate there, and went back 2 more times for leftovers. We came home with some veggies and turkey, that is all. I think the turkey may meet the garbage can today. I hate that, but I can't possibly eat anymore of it.

Kevin did black Friday shopping, 4 am, at Cabela's, with my cousin. I said he was crazy. ha. We barely survived putting up our Christmas tree this year. It's been a FUN week! :)


Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I bought some stuff online, meaning I did not even have to get out of my pajamas or get any exercise. Soooo, to answer your question about the expanding waistline, I may be in trouble soon! I actually joined a couple of online fitness challenges in an effort to not gain too much! Or any. If that is possible.

sloan said...

i feel so behind seeing this!! we are planning to flip the switch to christmas this coming weekend, i no longer have the endurance to do both th'giving AND x'mas prep in the same weekend ;-) LOVE the tip @ the glue gun - clever!

ps - i owe you an update re: lens decisions ... good news, wahoooo!

Pam said...

I so wish we could hang out together! That Target lady kills me. LOVING the gingerbread houses...and I've given up on the diet right now. Too much eating and drinking to do this month! Let's do it together Jan 2nd!! :) Oh and LOVE the girls aprons..I'm an apron girl xoxo

Gabe said...

Ok, I love that target lady and no one else in my family did! The one where the frosting is squirting out as she babbles. . . I'm laughing as I type:)

Those girls are just too much with the pie !

The glue gun idea, genius!

karren said...

Well, for Heaven's sake! I guess an old dog CAN learn new tricks. Thank you for the hot glue tip! AWESOME! I didn't shop on Black Friday... I did eat, and do not know how to stop.

Megan said...

You always give me a chuckle. I am so impressed with the brow waxing for your daughter. I have wondered what age I could take her, as they are really channeling Brooke Shields right now.

And pie for breakfast is always a good thing. My best weight advice is to move to a developing country where nothing tastes good. You will shed those holiday pounds in a jiff!

Jen said...

Hi! I worked most of Thanksgiving to be off at Christmas! Still overate...of course! No end in sight until after the holidays!
Love your Gingerbread house pics!

Jill said...

LOL Love that Target commercial...she sure sticks in your head! LOL The Gingerbread houses look great and using a glue gun is genius!! Have a great week!


Karina said...

Are you kidding. How come I never thought of gluing the house together? It's not like anyone is really ever going to eat them. Brilliant. Sheer brilliance.

Mica said...

I just had to say...I giggled at the glue gun...XOXO