Saturday, June 18, 2011

Moving On...

Summer has finally begun! Friday was the last day of school. And the last day of elementary school for the big ballerina.

Yes. BB is "moving on up" as the keynote speaker called it. And, as her parents, "we're cheering you on."

Keynote speaker? Fifth grade? huh?

I was completely blown away when I looked over the program and saw that there would be a keynote speaker. Annoyed actually, if I'm being honest. C'mon. This is fifth grade. Not high school. Not college. Why do we even need a ceremony?

But then he started speaking. Or didn't. Someone else started speaking as Dr. Adolph Brown roamed around the gym aimlessly. Dressed like this. Minus the microphone. Plus a straw sticking out of his mouth.

He definitely looked out of place in our lilywhitedroppedoffattheschooldoorsinstretchHummerlimos audience. I'm betting many of the women clutched their Louis Vuittons a wee bit tighter when they caught a glimpse of him roaming around before the ceremony began. I'm sure they were quite relieved when he was finally introduced as the real speaker. And they were able to loosen their grips.

But, in the end, the whole place was in tears. His message was so powerful and entertaining at the same time. For both the kids and the parents. Everything from don't judge a book by its cover. (But don't dress like me either.)
  • To parents support your children. 
  • To kids, parents and teachers are on your backs because they love you. 
  • To think with what's above your waist not below it. 
  • To surround yourself only with quality people. 
  • To words can hurt more than fists. (Yes, Sloan. He did the visual as you described except he tore the paper heart.)
  • To the importance of staying in school and reading.
  • And the end it doesn't matter that you have granite countertops. What matters is that you shared a meal with someone who doesn't have countertops. (Sound like anyone we know? ahem...a wonderful heart by the name of Nicolle?)
And when he was finished. The tears continued to flow as our babies walked up one by one to receive their diplomas.

And when the boy with autism's name was called. And he walked up the steps. And the whole fifth grade class cheered for him. Yes, Kim. I had to look up at the ceiling and do my "Mary Had a Little Lamb" singing-thing in my head to keep the boo-hoo'ing from becoming audible.

Fifth grade, people. This was a fifth grade "moving on" ceremony. What the heck am I going to do when she graduates from high school?!?


Kerri said...

Wow, that last picture is just so cool! Sounds like a wonderful ceremony...big balerina does NOT look like she should be going into 6th grade!

Bridget said...

What a neat experience! Congratlations to your Big Ballerina for moving up! Wow, 6th grade! Mine will be in the 8th next year--it amazes me sometimes how fast the time has gone.

sloan said...

wow, awesome - just plain awesome ... really really great lessons, perfect for their age and this transition ... and best of all, coming from an unexpected source ... I love everything about it - i'd have been crying my eyes out too ;-) loved this post kim - congratulations to your graduate!

Amy said...

Oh Kim, I totally understand. I was just there with my baby graduating from 8th grade and "moving up" to high school. I'm all teary now, just reading your post. Love all of these, especially the last one.

Kristin said...

I always look forward to your posts and find myself coming back to them time and time again before I comment because there is so much I want to say that I have to think about it and process it before putting it into words. This one leaves me speechless though. Your photos and words are so moving and so thoughtful that I don't know where to begin. I wish we lived closer so we could just sit and enjoy a hot cup of tea together and just let the moment be there, without words because I think you know just what I want to say and the silence would say it all. Hugs to you my friend; you are an awesome mom raising incredible little...and now medium...people

Gabe said...

Oh, its so hard isnt it?? I managed to get thru Drews eighth grade grad w/out tears and I was so proud of myself! He looked so griwn up on that stage. . .

Love, love that last photo!

Stacey said...

Aaaw.. This movin' on up is such a bittersweet thing. They're supposed to grow up and do new things and when we do our mom thing this is the goal but...I was teary the day of J's Junior year-end concert because all I could think was "next year it's going to be his senior concert." sniff, sob. It's a happy thing! The speaker sounds great and as always, your photos are fabulous. Happy Summer Vaca! (your BB is the same age as my *C*)

Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

congrats Kim!! sounds like an awesome experience!! time to enjoy summer!! hugs, cathy

Jen said...

Sounds wonderful for sure! Now I say Happy Summer!

Corey Schwartz said...

Wow, I can't believe you have a middle schooler! And here I am struggling with the fact that my "baby" is going into first grade.

Pam said...

I have to say that I'm usually all.."why the heck do kids need to graduate from kindergarten, middle school etc."...but this was awesome. POSITIVE and something you and your daughter will most likely always remember. And she's adorable by the way. :)

Nicolle said...

Kim, you mentioning me here just made me want to cry. Thank you! :) I just love you!

I am in LOVE with that last photo on here. It's just so beautiful, so cool.

I love what the speaker at her school said. I think kids need to be reminded so often, of what really matters. I want Boyd to grow up and never make fun of people, never tease, always be respectful of everyone. We all deserve respect.

What a great post!

ps. bought those 2 salad dressings, the one you recommended and the one i mentioned. I had yours today. Probably my all time favorite now! :)

Karina said...

Completely tearing up here. Those are some powerful words to remember - might have to print them out and hang them on the fridge. I can't tell you how scared I am to think of my Little K being in 5th next year....which is only one year away from going to middle school. I am so not ready for that (for her), but she assures me she will be OK. Nothing like worrying about something a full year before it will happen - arrrgh - going back to read that list of what is really important.

Dani said...

Congrats to BB! The world is her oyster!

Cindy said...

Wow, how powerful! I too, would have been thinking...speaker...are you crazy! I'm one for keeping the little ones little and not letting them grow up so fast, and sometimes all this stuff just seems to contribute to it, but it sounds like you and everyone else were pleasently surprised.
What a powerful talk with many lessons for us all. Thanks for sharing
Have a happy day

and I soooo do the look at the ceiling and sing thing...of I start counting random things like chair legs or window panes...:)